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  1. man i hated those pills...they were a waste of money for me. but that's GREAT if it's working for you...yea always want to increase it's effectiveness by taking food.
  2. i've done some research and found that this cream called Elicina is amazing when treating acne scars. It's especially effective applied while you're on accutane or just getting off of accutane. anyone heard about it?
  3. hey has anyone heard about this cream called Elicina? I heard it's amazing when applied to your face, and even more effective when you're on accutane or just getting off accutane. i'm also suffering from scars from past acne breakouts and i'm planning on asking my derm that i want to go on accutane. But i dunno what to do about these scars. any advice in general or anything about Elicina?
  4. hey everyone. I have my derm appt tomorrow and i plan on going on accutane and getting rid of this acne for good. but i was wondering what would happen to the scars left behind from the past acne breakouts before going on accutane. Did the accutane help to remove those scars or did anyone have to use some special scar cream or process to get rid of the scars?
  5. you know it's weird because i've heard that accutane actually makes you break out even more during the first month or two. But others have had accutane immediately kicking in and clearing up their skin in the first month. So which one is it? or is it different for each person?
  6. you know it's weird cuz i've heard people talk about how their acne actually tends to get worse in the first to two months on accutane. Does it differ for each person? my derm appt is tomorrow and i'm planning on going on accutane, so i was wondering if many people cleared up in their first month or if they actually broke out more before they got better.
  7. thanks for the advice. i think i'll be going on Accutane and getting rid of this acne for good. also i've heard that this cream called Elicina is amazing when applied on your face while you're on accutane. It's supposed to help the scarring diminish drastically. does anyone know about it? and what are your thoughts on it?
  8. hi. i'm 18 years old and have been suffering from severe acne since spring of my junior year in high school. I used proactiv and it was working great for about 2 years. Then i went to college and my acne surged back regardless of the fact that i was using Proactiv. Now i'm trying out Dr. Murad Complex Kit...and it doesn't seem to be helping at all... On Jan 10, i'm seeing a derm about Accutane. I've done some research and it seems that people are raving about it...but i'm still worried about