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  1. dino23

    Week 23/24 Advice?!

    It was really bad for the first three months, then just minor break outs. I haven't broken out for 2 months. I know how you feel, dont get discouraged, maybe you just need longer on the drug, everyone is different. Or maybe you aren't taking a high enough dosage? Sometimes people breakout longer because they are still purging acne out from really really deep under your skin. Believe me I know how you feel, there have definitely been days where I thought it would never end but one day you will wa
  2. dino23

    Week 23/24 Advice?!

    Thanks! yes I am on accutane. I have been on it for about 6 months. I am not going to lie, it was a long road to get to where I am but I can tell you that accutane has definitely raised my confidence and I am really glad I tried it. When you have consistent cystic acne, really what is there to lose? In 6 months I will have to start laser treatments to lessen some of the deep scars from cysts but scars are much easier to deal with! I would recommend going on accutane!
  3. dino23

    Week 23/24 Advice?!

    Not much to report zit/pimple wise, I have about a week left on this drug! But I am super scared to get off of it. Did anyone taper their drugs out? Or just stop when you run out? I feel like I want to be on a low dosage for another month or something? any suggestions? eekk! I attached a week 13 pic and this weeks pic. It is such a relief to see the results! And week 13 wasn't even the worst!
  4. Went to the derm last week and was informed that this is my last month! He did say that he wants to put me on Retin-A once I am finished with Accutane. Has anyone else done this? I am just tired of using powerful topicals, I think that is where I went wrong in the first place because my skin got so use to them, once I stopped using it I got horrible break outs and cysts. But I am also nervous to just quit accutane! :/ (will I ever be happy) He also said in about 6 months they will start doing
  5. dino23

    Week 21

    week 21 was pretty uneventful. I am noticing my hands are getting that rash again and it seems to be really dry but putting lotion on it does not seem to help and sometimes burns Nothing much other than that. I go to the derm on wednesday, I was told I was staying on 80mg but I am not sure for how long. I think I have one month left! but I will have to wait to see what the derm thinks.
  6. dino23

    Week 19&20

    no problem! Yes, i am on my 21st week.
  7. dino23

    Week 19&20

    Again, nothing but scars and dry skin right now. My scars look the same as they did 4 weeks ago so I am kinda bummed they aren't fading as fast. I will say I since my dosage was upped to 80mg I noticed my tolerance for alcohol has gone down a lot! I dont really drink much on this drug, just occasionally. But I was out celebrating an engagement with friends and before I knew it I got really drunk really fast and got sick and had a 3 day hangover. I would be really careful drinking on a high dosa
  8. dino23

    Week 18

    umm we didn't really figure it out but it did go away in about three weeks. Probably the worse 3 weeks of my life. I had 3 of them. He thought they might have been skin lensions from an under lying cause (an autoimmune disease) So i went to the Rheumatologist to get blood work and done and they found nothing. and by that time the "skin lesions" or w/e were gone. Very strange! I am glad they are gone but they left some NASTY scars thanks for your concern
  9. dino23

    Week 18

    Pretty much same as last week, drier skin and no new acne to report just scars. I think it is weird how some scars take FOREVER to fade and some go away quicker. Like I had a cyst on my chin and cheek at the same time and the one on my cheek still has a dark scar and I can't even see the one on my chin anymore. weird! I go in on Thursday to get my blood work checked again. I hope it is okay so I can stay on 80mg Sorry super boring update...
  10. dino23

    Week 17

    i know! its like I will remember to do something, then get distracted by something else and totally forget what I was doing in the first place! I used to have myself together but not with accutane! lol
  11. dino23

    Week 17

    It was a pretty good week, I got bumped up to 80mg, where I will stay until I am finished with my course. I think 2 more months left! No new zits or cysts this week just started to get dry skin on my face which is making my scars look better because they are kinda peeling off. But makeup is harder to put on Also my doctor did call me and say that something in my bloodwork was high so I need to go back next week to get it checked again. If it is still high i think they will put me back to 60mg
  12. dino23

    Week 15 & 16

    Wasn't too happy these weeks because I got 2 more cysts, one on the clear side of my face and one on my chin. They look a week and a half to go away and they are still noticeable. The worse part was that it was Christmas and I was seeing a bunch of family I haven't seen in awhile. But oh well, I still have a few months left on this drug. I still have scars that aren't disappearing so not sure what to do with those and I can count four black heads on my face, which is awesome considering I use to
  13. dino23

    Week 14

    During week 14 I had two pimples come up, one on my cheek and one on my chin- and they hurt! I thought I was done with the big ones! Oh well, it is still a lot better then the beginning. I also became really impatient with these two black heads on my chin that haven't purged out yet... actually it looked like a little bit was hanging out of the pore so I picked it out. I know I shouldn't have but they were so weird and hard to get out because they seemed to be bigger underneath then the pore its
  14. dino23

    Week 13

    Doing well, the only change I have noticed with two weeks on 60mg is I am so unbelievably tired and my back hurts a little more. My nose is still super dry and painful so I have been putting this gel stuff my pharmacist gave me up there so that helps. Hardly any new acne to report, some tiny ones are still coming up and gone the next day. My main problem now is scarring, one side of my face is pretty scarred up and deformed from cystic acne... Any suggestions? I have been using mederma but will
  15. dino23

    Week 12

    Everything has been going well, went to the derm and they bumped me up to 60mg (i was on 40mg before) I am a little scared of the side effects getting worse but I am going to give it a try. I have only taken 60mg for 3 days and I can already feel my muscles are more achy. Other then that the derm was really happy with my skin, just a bunch of scarring right now. Hopefully some of the scars go away before Christmas! P.s. I love not having to wash my hair everyday!!!