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  1. heal 1st your active acne before treating your scar
  2. fjshadowz

    I Do Everything Right...

    Well, 1) you aren't 'supposed' to be vegan. And 2) you need to try cutting out soy. It's about as damaging as gluten, it's very common to be allergic and it's estrogenic which can help some people but it makes a lot of people worse. A lot worse. You aren't doing everything right if you are eating soy. And in what format are you eating it? Soy-based faux foods? If so, you are eating processed food. what are you doing for fats? what about cod liver oil ? my cod liver oil contains soy on its
  3. As mentioned multiple times; just taking 1 probiotic supplement with a couple of probiotic strains will make no difference. Atleast not one with only 1,5 billion bacteria per capsule. Also, 2 weeks will make no difference. Rice is okay, but you will get optimal results by only sticking to paleo-foods+butter and fermented dairy in the beginning! For me I know that very hot spices are problematic. Good luck:) So how many capsules should i take per day for me to see noticeable effects 10 bil
  4. I am taking mega aciduphilus 1.5 billion bacteria per capsule i take it 2 times a day for 2 weeks now dont see any improvements on my skin yet -.- i eat vege and fruits no dairy . no sugar .. BUT i eat white rice -.- is it ok ? but i already switch to brownrice 2 days ago and my skin is healing from the old breakouts .
  5. fjshadowz

    Omega 3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids

    does cod liver oil have fatty acids 3 , 6 and 9 ?
  6. yeah i already tested dairy ...and everytime i drink milk and eat sweets i get breakouts 2 days after wew ... but now im eliminating white rice from my diet and no new breakouts yet ) i hope this time i can cure my severe acne .
  7. it depends on how your body reacts ...im now on day 2 ) just eating veges..fruits and brown rice hahaha !
  8. fjshadowz

    How To Permanently Cure Your Acne!

    i think you just copy the idea in the e-book Acne no more by mike walden .
  9. Cod Liver Oil contains soybean oil on its ingredients is it bad for acne?
  10. fjshadowz

    Brown Rice And Acne?

    BROWN rice is a good replacement for WHITERICE -.- i dunno why it can contribute to acne i think those informations are wrong hehehe .
  11. Hello ! I would like to share my experience w/ diet and lifestyle change for 3 months I am 18 year old MALE and suffering from SEVERE acne since i was 13 -.- my knowledge now is OVERLOADED tssk . i have some e-books like "AcneNoMore" by mike walden "Mr.X Acne Says" "Acne Free in 3 days" by Chris Gibson HAHAHA ! to be honest i dunno where to start T_T i tried to mix all the information from what ive learned from this forum and from those ebooks i conduct a 3 month trial LO
  12. HELLO there ms vista i messaged u ) have many question -.- pls help me .