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  1. Well my face looks much much better this morning, it's amazing what one night can do. I put shea butter over my moustache area and it looks SOOO much better it's hardly even red anymore. My nose is a lot better as well.
  2. Fuck my face hasn't been this bad for a long long time, i'm not moving outside the house for a long time, i can't not looking like this.
  3. Ok i had to get in the shower today and wash my face with just water, my face was just looking absolutely terrible. I got in scrubbed my face with my hands for about 2 minutes got out of the shower and checked my face in the mirror about an hour later and HOLY SHIT my face has never been this bad EVER. Fuck this is terrible, i'm going back to using Olay scrub that i had, my face wasn't too bad on that stuff. This caveman shit is definitely not gonna work out for me. My nose looks fucked up, l
  4. My first week in. Honestly things haven't changed much, my forehead seems a little more clear except for that pimples that popped up a few days ago. My moustache area is still extremely red and dry, it's getting annoying. My cheeks seem a little more clear but my nose is filled with whiteheads and red marks and it's very dry. My face is a lot less oily though, extremely less oily. Yesterday i did splash some water on my face and then let it air dry, didn't see any difference, I think tomo
  5. lmao yeah i did get it from that hippie girl. Today is the 5th day and it seems i've broken out over my nose, and i got a medium sized pimple pop up on my forehead. Besides that it does seem my face/cheeks are staying clearer than usual.
  6. Well it's the 4th day and my face is definitely less oily, but i don't see much difference, if any yet. Face is very dry around the nose and i have raw/red skin under nose/moustache area. My whole face looks more red. I want to wash my face so badly because it just feels so dirty and i know if i do wash it with a cream it would look so much better for a couple hours lol but i'm going to try and stick it out...i don't know how much longer i can go without washing it with some sort of cleanser
  7. What's up guys, yes this is my first post on this site, but i have always came to this site for advice on how to treat my acne/skin. Let me start, ok i think the first time i started to get acne was around 15 years old, it wasn't too bad just a few pimples here and there on my upper forehead. Things got progressively worse around 17 when it was all over my forehead and by the time i turned 18 i started getting acne on my cheeks. Now i have never had "bad" acne, i guess you could consider it m