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  1. Thanks for checkin in on richardb & thanks for well wish Checked your sitsh & you're experienced so I'll cross my fingers it'll get good this time I didn't see anyone mentioning Carmex. Carmex is totally outstanding imo, my lips would've fallen off without it, there really is no comparison!
  2. 8 months. FIN. Talked to derm who said "you look great!". Was told to hold off on multivitamin with A in it for 2 months & was also told sun is ok but wear sun screen. Side effects still there, hope they'll wear off. Been off it a week soon. Here are 2 graphs for you. Overall skin rating (0-10 where 10 are those horror pics you see online, 0 is perfect skin): Activities (all count. the ones that remain I've mentioned in this thread and they're old ones that fe
  3. Just an update. 1 week to go. It's a LOT better. I really hope it stays like this and doesn't come back. Some old activities that can be felt (cysts/lumps etc) but rarely active. It hasn't smoothened out all of my skin but can def. live with this. Crossing fingers that it stays like this. Update soon
  4. Aha ok. Mine kinda feel alive sometimes & they're easy to upset
  5. 6 months. Today's official end of treatment. However, since I didn't do 60mg/day but 40mg/day due to stomach reactions I will finish off what's left. According to my calc I'm 135 pills (I'm on 20mg pills so was supposed to have 3/day) behind as I was supposed to jump on 60mg/day 6 weeks in (4,5 months = 135 days). This means 135/2 = 67.5 days = 2 months-ish. I'll stay on the regimen until May's end. Nothing much new to report. I'm looking to kill the old cysts which are deep & th
  6. Almost 5 months. New blood work & met with derm. It's not good yet so will keep eating for another month. Blood work came out ok I think because I haven't heard anything. It's the old cysts that need to go away. But I'm sure won't eat after 6 months anyway, but we'll see. @tommyc38: I recognize that scenario. Problem is, for me there's like 10 of em that are unreachable and I can't touch em even with help. But a few have come out thanks to the regimen I believe. We'll see what ha
  7. Yo Ugghhh & whoartthouh1: My cyst's age varies from years to just the beginning for my accutane regimen. They're not really inflamed either but just lumps, I'm worred they'll get back to being inflamed once I stop though.
  8. 4 months. Not much to report. Barely any new activities, overall not oily skin and a easier to deal with skin type. Older major cysts still remain & I'm really doubting they'll go away. I hope someone has experience and can give a first hand account on if they will as my derm says. All side effects are the same, also got a stomach rash now.
  9. Brains over looks man - don't worry about the respect, you earn it by being smart! Good luck with your treatment! Remember that it'll very likely get much worse at first (did for me), so hang in there. I started improving after around 10 days with a vastly decreased amount of new activities.
  10. Hey & happy holidays! I'm half way in now, been a bit more than 3 months. I feel that accutane is slowly working and making it better. Nothing real new to report. Hardly getting any new activities (maybe once a week there's a small pimple that goes away immediately, knock on wood but the old cysts are still there. As I wrote above I'm seriosly doubting the derm that said they'll all go away. Side effects update: * Dry skin - totally flaky in the face (peeling all the time, using a
  11. Yes, toats. Since Acne can be hormonial and hormones have impact on brain chemistry -> can set off physical problems.
  12. 8 weeks. Nothing much to report. maria11: No change for me either with the old ones. I'm not getting many new activities at least so that's good! Only 40% in on the regimen time so by 100% I hope more will happen
  13. Yep, derm said that's kind of the point. It's not even close now, hah! How's your progress otherwise, any good results?
  14. They're anywhere from 4 years to just when I started my regimen on tane - got one new, especially annoying one the first week. I talked to my derm and the goal of it all is apparently that they will disappear for good. Are you on tane now maria11? Log update: I'm getting bumped up to 60mg/day. Tests came out fine.