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  1. Iv'e started accutane on Sept, 21, 2012, and today is Nov, 25, 2012. So ive been on it for 65 days, am i on my second month and 4 days, or on my third month? cause this is the way am thinking if there is 30 days in a month when that month ends, i finished my first months and am on my second, or how does it work -_-
  2. In what month did you start seeing results? I am on day 19 80mg a day, have dry hands and skin getting dry and dryer, can't wait for my acne to ve gone.
  3. haved you already gotten your initial breakout? when did it start?
  4. you should moisturize, and cleanse morning and night. I havn't gotten that dry yet i started like 6 days ago, but as soon as i get some what dry am going to start moisturizing.
  5. Not severe, but yeah how many pills a day? Well then you shouldnt really be taking it if your acne is not that bad.
  6. hey just a question, how long after starting accutane your lips got dry?
  7. thank you this is my fourth day now, but still don't have dry lips i was just scared it wasn't working ;/