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  1. Okay, so I've read a lot about closed comedones and I'm wondering a few things. For one, I have tried several different methods of treating them. Some of them seem to work, and the bumps go away. It's like the gunk (for lack of better word) has finally surfaced and removed itself from my pores. But then, days later the pore has the hard, sand-like stuff inside of it again. I guess what I'm asking is, once the stuff comes out, is it supposed to be recurring? Why do they go away for a few
  2. -Day 9- I have two active breakouts on the left side of my face, but everything else is scarring. I've gotten pretty horrible scarring (dark spots) from previous acne, but overall I"m happy. I've begun to breakout out a little bit above my eyebrows which is very unusual for me, but I just had my eyebrows done and that might have irritated the skin. Skin is very dry, as expected. It feels flaky and leathery. I'm going to hang in there though, and hope that the regimen continues to work!
  3. Hi guys- I was reading under the "What to Expect" section of acne.org, and from what it says, it seems as though the regimen instructs you to continue using the full dosage of BP even once your acne has cleared. Is this true? Or are you supposed to discontinue the use of BP once all of your acne has cleared? I ask because I've read on these forums that BP on areas of your skin that do not have acne can actually cause acne. Thanks!!
  4. -Day 5- No active acne aside from 2-3 spots on my left cheek. I'm pretty sure they're new. I hope they'll die soon. Other than that I'm all "clear." I have a ridiculous amount of acne scarring on my cheeks, but this is a start.
  5. Ahhh! I just started the regimen, and although we have different skin problems, your log makes me so excited to continue!! Congrats on your results!!!
  6. -Day 4- My face is so itchy! lol. I hope it's the BP doing magical things, and not new breakouts coming to the surface. Other than that, my skin is dry. I've expected that, though, and am not too bothered by it.
  7. -Day 3 1/2- I had quite the day! I was moving stuff in and out of my house in 95+ degree weather. I was perspiring quite a bit and had makeup on :\ There was no way around it, as I was getting ready to go out to an important function, so I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't break out overnight. We'll see!
  8. HI GUYS. I've been following the acne.org boards for several years now, but only recently have experienced an actual bout with acne. I'm a 23 year old female who never had acne in my teen, aside from the occasional pimple or two. I don't know what is causing these outbreaks now, and I feel like I'm going insane trying to figure it out. I'm hoping that by logging my acne.org experiences, I can also find out more about my acne. -QUESTION 1- Now, on to the not-so-nice-to-read-about topics..