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  1. My story is totally similar. I was taking Levora and my face was a WRECK. I recently started taking it again just to see what would happen and I totally regret it because now I have two cysts on my face and I'm getting a pimple on my neck. I was on minocycline but that did nothing for me. My last resort was accutane and even though I was only on it for a month it definitely helped. I had to stop because I moved and changing doctors was a hassle but I am definitely going back on it when I start w
  2. Hey my name is Natalie! I'm 19 and I live in California. I've been super bummed all day and I did a lot of reading and came across this board. My acne flared up pretty badly within the past week and I cannot handle it. I am definitely considering going back on accutane once I start working again. I was only taking it for a month until I moved and things got complicated to change doctors. But anyway, it's nice that I found a place to relate with and talk to others about this.