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  1. Hey so I've done a lot of searching on the forums here and elsewhere trying to get some help. I have a 1.5 mm roller. How often should I be using it? I've seen everything from a couple of times a week to once every 3-5 weeks. Also I have a been using a cleanser before and a moisturizer with vitamins A,C, and E after. Should I add anything else to my regimin. Thanks.
  2. I hear you. You'd think with our technology of face transplants getting rid of a little scarring should be a cakewalk. With all the stuff I'd read about fraxel it doesn't seem worth the thousands of dollars to potentially see just a little bit of improvement or the scary thought of things getting work. Plus with my job I can't really take 3 or 4 days off that I see a lot of people needing to take to get back to human looking after the procedure. I wish there was a go to standard that would g
  3. Hey all, Been reading this message board for a while, but finally decided to post. I had bad cystic acne when I was a teen (am 22 now) and was left with some scarring. With how bad the cystic acne was I am definitely grateful with how minimal it is. I have generally been okay with my face, but there are certain times and lightings when I just look and really don't like what I see and others where I hardly notice. Especially with a combination of dark cirlces and scarring I wish I could have g