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  1. Soo helpful, thank you! Just need to convince my mum- she's really against me having contraceptive pills. Tbh though my acne is looking a little better
  2. Sucks that it's severe. I really want to go on the pill will that work? Like that is what you're talking about right? My mum isn't so sure but I've researched it a lot and I plan on going on it for contraception anyway. I should just prescribed one that helps acne right?
  3. Good for you I just started using this yesterday
  4. So, I'm a 15 old girl and I've had acne for quite a while now but recently it's started to really depress me and I think it has gotten quite a lot worse. It started when I was about 11, but I only would get a few spots- barely anything and it didn't bother me. I don't know where it got to the point where it stopped being a few spots and started being acne. I wish I'd paid more attention and tackled it early on but oh well. I used to get acne on my forehead but that's cleared up now which is g
  5. Actually my mum went to the same school as Victoria Bekham, and I remember her saying something about her and her sister being bullied for having acne.