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  1. my acne consits of comedones and inflamatory pimples ans some PIH. i really want differin to work. i'm also taking minocycline 100 mg and i wash my face in the morning with panoxyl 5% BP.
  2. Hi. Do you think it would be okay to use duac in the morning and the avene triacneal at night? Thank You
  3. Just be careful! Garnier bb cream caused me to have acne again.
  4. UPDATE WEEK 2 so this was a bad week broke out pretty bad on left cheek a couple of papules and one cyst, around my chin especially on the corners with some papules too :S i dont even feel like putting pictures because its all red and yucky!! this is probably the initial breakout. it sucks!! and now i've been stressing because of tests and im always studying!! i hope this heals fast.. i've alredy popped some. see u next week!!
  5. my acne was caused by epiliptic medication
  6. UPDATE WEEK 1 Hiii. so acne is been the same not better nor worse. havent got any side effects from new birth control, so big plus. in the end of this month ill be going back to the dermatologist to get something a little bit stronger to help clear my face here are the new photos. ill be updating once a week
  7. thanks for the support! yeah i dont know much about valette... i thought diane 35 is for more severes cases of acne. i just know that both contain an anti-androgenic. i really dont want to go through the initial breakout it really scares me .
  8. lfct


    i'm just started valette today! how did it go for u?
  9. hi all. this is my first time writing a post... im not that great at writing what im thinking XD My Skin: I have moderate to mild acne and some hyperpigmentation. And its all concentrated on the lower half of my face. I have tons of small whiteheads (closed comedones) around my mouth and chin. Have some acne on my forehead too. Background- im 20, live in portugal, third year in college studying chemical engineering. so after months of using bp and salicylic acid, i'm going to try a b