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  1. Going by what you've just posted it seems incredibly obvious that it's the BP. Maybe you've formulated your post wrong, but what else could it be? Your skin goes red when you use BP is what you're telling us.. so surely you've answered your own question?
  2. It does dry out the skin actually. I have no proof per say. I'm talking based on experience, I moisturize afterwards. Drying out the skin is not the same as making it less oily. In fact, drying out your skin can be dangerous. But it has no effect on sebum production. This type of advice helps nobody, to be honest.
  3. Clay masks make someone's skin less oily? Any proof for that?
  4. I don't think there is any proof whatsoever that this works. Don't really see the point in posting these types of comments, to be honest. I know you're trying to help out, but suggesting methods that don't have any realistic chance of working is quite pointless and, in some cases, dangerous because the methods could actually cause damage.
  5. Apparently MoM is very bad for the skin. It's pH levels are way too high. It works great, though, but apparently it's really bad for the skin.
  6. Having just read most of this topic, I really, really wish people would pay more attention when typing out the amount of iu's or mg's they are taking. So many people type an 0 too much or too little or get the maths wrong. I'm glad people are willing to share their information but it's annoying when one time they say it's 10,000mg you need to take, the other time it's 1000mg.
  7. I'm not sure if Milk of Magnesia is good for the skin, I read something about the pH levels being way too high for skin. Anyway make sure you look in to it, might be damaging your skin.
  8. Good luck! Please keep us up to date on any progress, I'm sure a lot of people on here would really appreciate it.
  9. The internet is filled with testimonies of people who have tried Retin-A creams and every type of cleanser and moisturiser you can think of and still they have "plugs" or blackheads. I don't really see the point in stating it like it's a fact, when there's very little evidence (that I know of) that suggest it's a fact.
  10. Hello mate, Have a look around in the rest of the oily skin forum, there's a couple of good threads on "proven" solutions for oily skin (I made one and a fella called fredthebelgian made a couple too). The one currently being tested by a couple of us is an "overdose" of vitamin A. Anyway I can guarantee you it's not because you smoke da herb
  11. That's the brand that I'm taking (except mine is 10,000 IU per pill), and it's also the exact supplement that FredTheBelgian said he has been using for a couple of years with no side effects. I emailed Now Foods and they said that it is 100% fish oil sourced Vitamin A, not synthetic. So I think it's a pretty safe bet as far as vitamin A supplements go, but if you have any reservations you can of course let me be the guinea pig here and see how my body responds to the supplement before trying it
  12. Jofo, what would your opinion be on this Vitamin A supplement? http://www.nowfoods.com/Vitamin-A-25000-IU-100-Softgels.htm I'm just about to start taking them, was wondering if I should be worried about anything? Thanks a lot
  13. If you do try the 10,000 IU dose, please report back with your results because I'd love to know if it works. It's funny, I've seen lots of your posts around here but somehow missed your thread about vitamin A curing your oily skin, and it just convinced me to try vitamin A for myself. Haha mate we must have the same brain. I've probably read every post about oily skin on the internet, including all of fredthebelgian's posts, yet I somehow miss out on the one that could be a relatively safe
  14. Could you tell me how much you took? And how was your oily skin before and after taking it? Cheers mate