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  1. Well I have not really had much changes in my skin, it is still better then it has been no large scaring ones on my back, and all the bumps I had on my forehead for yrs that did nothing finally came to a little black head or just a sore bump that went away. My skin is dry but not unbearable. I am still using all the same products. Things that I have noticed since my last post. My eyes are getting worse for dryness, really annoying actually, they feel tired ALL the time. (but I also know I am n
  2. Jedwards

    Day 31 On Accutane.

    I know it is strange and they almost rub out and leave a hole, which is a great sign I think. How is everything else going for you?
  3. All my major fears are out the door now. I have survived my first 30 days and am doing good. Some days I feel I wake up and my skin is more even than ever, and others it is the same. My head is not itchy any more and just in the last week I have noticed I do not need to wash it as often. Still before I am washing my hair I am soaking in jojoba oil, just to stay on top of any drying that may occur. I have had a few large pimples appear but nothing I feel are to unbearable. Although I am a bit ner
  4. Jedwards


    Good luck! I hope your treatment goes well for you.
  5. Jedwards

    Day 9!

    Things seem to be going good so far, I am still terrified waiting for my initial breakout. Effects so far..... My eyes feel burning tired all the time, which I have now had two people think I was about to cry. My forehead was really itchy the end of day 6 and when I used my regular shampoo it stung a bit, so went and bought Cliniderm. It says is is specialized for sensitive, allergic, reactive or dry scalp! So hope that will help with the itchy head. Also bought aveeno naturals moisturizing
  6. Awesome!! I am addicted to this sight and on day 8 and really pushing for the positives so I can get through the negatives.
  7. Jedwards

    My Face Hurts.

    That is No good! I hope your breakout ends soon. Just think it should almost be over before your skin is awesome! That's what I plan on telling myself. Did you have mild acne before you starte accutane? And when did your initial breakout start?
  8. Jedwards

    Accutane Day 157

    Thanks! I keep hearing about witch hazel but have only found the astringent in Canada not the toner.
  9. Thanks! I am really hoping for the best, obviously lol! I have jojoba in my hair now and didn't notice any smell, hoping it will soak in fast and stop the itch, lol! We'll see. I was also reading a vegetable glycerin face mask I may try at some point along this journey.
  10. Well I am thinking maybe I am on here to much! I have apparently become an accutane addict. Here goes another one. I went to the health food store today and purchased jojoba oil, which nearly made me faint at the cost of a 500ml bottle $60. At this point though I am not concerned, just want to keep as many side effects as possible at bay. Also I found vegetable glycerine which I was looking into and found it is actually good for acne and hair and a million different things and the cost o
  11. Jedwards

    Day 16 - "the Hangover"

    What type of makeup are you usin on your dry ski that does not make it worse?
  12. Jedwards

    Day 5 Another Short One!

    Thanks everyone! Keep me posted on what is to come for me as you are all ahead of me. I believe a few are coming to the surface, have you guys started your initial breakouts?
  13. I am feeling very tired today, which does not happen to me very often not sure if I didn't have a good sleep or if it is accutane. Anyone out there feel tired around day 5? I have been loadin on my lip product since I started so have yet to see dry lips. Eyes have been fine today. Washed my face last night and put galaxalbase on it as it is starting to dry up. Wasn't greasy at all this morning. So I am getting a little nervous if my face is already this dry. Do people use aquaphor on their wh
  14. Jedwards

    Day 4 Very Quick Update!

    That's great! Does it usually take days for it to get dry and does that mean I am about to shrivel up bad?
  15. Jedwards

    Day 4 Very Quick Update!

    That's great! Does it usually take days for it to get dry and does that mean I am about to shrivel up bad?