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  1. Hi guys, what would be the best treatment option (or in your experience) for keloid on jawline? i have had this for 3 years and I've been tired of going to derms saying different stuff. I have tried 10-12 kenalog injections with minimal results. Thank you
  2. Hey guys so my doctor put me on accutane to get rid of scarring acne and.. keloid i had for couple of years. ( i am very prone to keloids) however when i woke up and looked on the mirror i had developee these bumps that i never had before.can they be keloids? I have heard that accutane is not recommanded for keloid prone patients? I am very confused please help i am on 30 mg of accutane daily and it has been my 23rd day taking it.
  3. Thanks! Ive been to a dermatalogist and she recommanded me going on acccutane. Do you think this is something I should consider?
  4. Hi, I have been suffering from acne for 6 years. I am 24 years old. I feel like I have got my acne under control 3 years ago as I was on Minocin and using retinoid at night. (with few occasional cyst) but I have been suffering from severe red marks since than. It is very severe ONLY on my left side of my face. I have tried lasers(made my skin worse) went to dermatalogist and they prescribed me accutane. (I didnt take it because I heard they dont help with red marks at all). I am currently taking
  5. I just want to say start by saying Thank you for the advices! @varna909: yep i agree, i will never ever go back to accutane even if my skin worses. Yeah i hate dealing with this crap, ive stopped eating fast food months ago....but have a really bad acne. do you know where i could go buy turmeric? drug stores?? oh i live in canada btw. @AMINAL: whenever i wake up i wash my face with spectro jel for blemish skin. than i apply oxy 5% benzyol perioxide to my face to go to school. in the night
  6. Hi im 19 years old.. and i really do have bad acne. (severe case) I started breaking out since high school but i feel the reason for it is because i started smoking. I do smoke half a pack a day. I just have really bad acne on the cheeks.. left side is worse than the right. Ive tried pretty much all the over the counter products(benxyol perioxide etc) including accutane (i had to stop after 2 months because really bad side affects) minocycline, a cream my dermatologist perscribed.. (that