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  1. I need some breakfast recommendations. I tend to make smoothies, eat GF toast with Coconut mana, turkey bacon, eggs and sometimes oat bran which I agree, is not the best. I tend to eat a HUGE breakfast b/c I workout from 5:45-7am and I'm starved afterward. I'm really struggling with restrictive diet.
  2. BillyJeen - Thank you for taking the plunge!! We are sending you great vibes for clear skin.
  3. I'm dabbing ACV on my red spots (actually, my entire face) 3x a day. I think it helps the red marks fade. I also have melasma (joy) and I think it's helping. The one other thing I am taking which may be helping with fading is Glutathione.
  4. O my gosh, I love this. Really love it. I actually love doing push ups but it IS work... and 20 would be a lot for me. Thank you -- excellent tip.
  5. I make smoothies with PlantFusion (http://plantfusion.net/) and it does not break me out. I mix it with water, flax seeds, banana, frozen berries and some coconut oil.
  6. I'm 42 and also thoroughly few up with mid cycle breakouts and PMS breakouts. I'm interested in Estro Sense. Thank you for posting this -- I will go research.
  7. I have some Salicylic Acid that I dab on with a Q-tip approx 3x/day. It usually helps calm things down.
  8. I agree with all of the above. However, I have a question -- what if you have a white head? Do you literally not pick or poke at all.... just let it fade? I have never been able to do that. I would love to hear success stories from people that have walked around with a whitehead and not popped it. Sometimes I can apply ACV and it will calm down but I usually end up popping it. What do you guys do?
  9. I would love to hear from others who try this... Who is willing to try?
  10. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter and almond butter. Whenever I eat them, I get cysts on my jaw line within 24 hours. I'm so bummed & hoping that I outgrow this.
  11. I had my gallbladder removed when I was 21 (I'm now 42). It was the most painful experience of my life. I'd prefer childbirth over a gallbladder attack or surgery any day. It's always puzzled me that I had gall stones & surgery at such a young age. I've always eaten well, exercised daily, drank water etc. I still wonder about the possibility of some sort of connection with my acne. And now that it's many years later, I would like to know how well my liver is functioning. I have had blood wor
  12. Please let me know if anyone else tries this. I live in the San Francisco area and the closest place I could found that sells this is in Union City (far away). Of course, if it really helps, I will drive any distance.
  13. Your acne doesn't look bad -- I can hardly see any pimples whatsoever.
  14. Very handy - thank you! We can even see the phone #!
  15. Would you mind asking your friend's mom where to buy these seeds or if we can get a photo of the package? Ive looked online even in some Indian-only grocery sites and cannot find these seeds. Thank you!!!
  16. I eat a lot of quinoa, oat bran and brown rice. I have tons of acne, and horrible gas. I'm a 42 year old female and have struggled with acne since my teenage years. Suffice to say, I'm fed up. I'm considering cutting out grains (along with the other things I have already removed from my diet such as dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine). Two questions: -- Is it possible actually test one's "gut" to see if in fact it's unhealthy or in need of re-building and probiotics etc? It would be very helpful t
  17. I suggest scheduling a derm appointment for the morning one day prior to your wedding. If there is anything active, s/he can give you cortisone shots. I just got some a couple weeks ago. Boy, I wish I could administer them at home. Just miraculous.