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  1. thanks! appreciate your input : ) i guess youre right, i kind of started figuring that since my skin was so much better, i could kind of cut back on the regimen and tweak it to what i thought my skin would be okay with...but i was definitely wrong on that one! i even lessened the amount of BP i was using, and i think that played a part too. this morning i put the full two pumps on my face and i can definitely feel the slight burning again, but i know that means it's working so that's a good thin
  2. whats your opinion on the AHA for now? should i just go back to the normal regimen without aha for a while until i see improvement?
  3. hi everyone, so a little over a year ago i began the regimen. i started with the BP, cleanser and moisturizer with some jojoba oil added into the moisturizer once i realized how bad my skin peeled in the beginning (this eventually got much better after adjusting to the Bp and i no longer use jojoba oil). once my skin started to improve, i added the AHA in and used it sparongly at first, and then bagan using once each day (at night in place of moisturizer). my skin improved amaaaaazingly for t