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  1. Good luck. I found out early on that my skin simply does not tolerate benzoyl peroxide, despite my trying to force it for a whole year. I did much better with a sulfur/sulfacetamide wash. Sulfur/sulfacetamide is multi-functional and is approved for the treatment of acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and rosacea. So if you've got to play a guessing game, it's a pretty safe bet. A whole year? You poor thing!! I've never heard of the slufur/sulfacetamide wash before, I will have to look into it.
  2. Thanks for your advice, I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to see what she thinks. It hurts like crazy!! If anyone else has any experience with this or something similar, please feel free to comment.
  3. Interesting. I wouldn't have thought that seb derm would be something you can get from an allergic reaction to a medication. I'm assuming, then, that this ISN'T what's supposed to happen when you use Epiduo?
  4. Hi all! I am a 22 year old female who has had amazing, perfect skin her whole life, and I've been incredibly grateful for it. Since coming off birth control around 6 weeks ago, I have been suffering from mild acne, and who knows how to correct this--it's certainly not bad (and I cannot complain, what some people go through with acne is just awful) but enough that I thought I'd ask my doctor about it. He gave me 2 little sample tubes of Epiduo, and told me to 'apply a very thin layer before be