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  1. hmmm i used bp before... it worked... but i think b5 works more.... so.. what do u reccomend.. to use as spot treatment?? i have just some black and white heads... and little things... Thanks m8s!
  2. Hi, im from Brazil.. sorry my bad english.. I started vitamin b5 regimen. about 2 months ago with good results... but im not 100% clear yet... im taking 10g of vitamin b5 from nutraceuticals.. with biotin... split in 2 doses per day.. 5g morning (after wake up +/- 12am) and at night (before class +/-6:00pm) My questions is: 1.Is better split more... like take 2.5g 4x per day?? 2.What is the better time to take?? before sleep... after wake up???? 3.I will buy again from nutraceuticals.. but
  3. my skin is a little only and i have couple break outs... what do u recommendo? 10g or 5g/day??? im thinking to take with multi-vitamin and EFA like GLA ... something like that...
  4. have u got chapped lips using b5? i have mild acne.. do u recommend to use the common dosage? (10g/day)???? kind regards, adriano
  5. im thinking to take b5 too how much i should start... my acne is mild i think.. i wanna start with 4g.. is it a good dosage??
  6. hmm and u are completely clear using this facemaster regimen?? how much time u took to be completaly clear?
  7. how much b5 did u take?? for how long time?
  8. hi, i want to create a regimen to me... so i have some questions for u that know a lot about it... i have mild acne i think.. just little whiteheads.. and some 2-4 breakout.. but my skin is oil i was thinking on use.. this: b5 3-5g everyday multi vitamins a lot of water exfoliate containing aha or bha?? 2% (how much time? every day? 3-2x week??) use bp 2.5% as spot regimen before sleep and vapourize with water and something. in the morning... like sauna.. (what could i add to water?) use a go
  9. Hmm and about AHA products?? are u sure about using BP as spot treatment??? isnt better AHA for spot treatment?? if yes, what AHA and how much %?
  10. I have mild acne.. and im just looking for spot treatment... i was thinking about something like AHA or Neosporin or even BP... what do u think??? and how i must use... Thank You! Great Forum
  11. hi ill try regimen again.. i have a little mild acne... just some black heads.. and one or other pimple.. but i have some redmarks from past.. not too much.. ill do regimen correctly now.. and i just wanna know.. a good moisturizer to use with bp2.5%... some with spf15 and that i can buy here in brazil.. or can ship to here... im using a gel moist.. and when i put it on my face.. it looks like im using a transparent mask.. it shine too much.. do u understand?... i wanna some that i put on my