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  1. Your optimism is really contagious I hope your skin clears real fast!
  2. hello there kind person!thank you for your kind words of encouragement as well as letting me refer to your post! it's greatly appreciated! Day 7 I gradually ramped up my BP volume from a pea-sized amount to slightly a larger amount of it. To be honest, on the first 4 days, my skin did not flake at all and what stings instead was the Moisturizer, not the BP. however, as the volume of BP used increased, now BP sightly stings and moisturizer applied over BP stings even more. I follow the Regimen
  3. Day 1 Hey guys! I'm so excited, my package finally arrived! (At around 7PM). I now have three 8oz bottles of Cleanser, Treatment (BP) and Moisturizer! At around 10PM, I showered and rinsed my hair, body, simultaneously letting the water rinse my face (too much info?) before finally proceeding to the cleanser. I used 1.75pumps (the 1st pump didn't really come out) and lathered like what Dan does in his videos, and really just let my hands glide across my face. I gently patted and afte
  4. Hey there! I myself am from Brunei, now living in Singapore! I just ordered the whole set and although it was promised to me that the Regimen Kit would be sent over at 4-6 days (I used the Express delivery service), I only received the kit 8 days after. Everything's in good condition! Maybe you can persuade your parents to buy it from this site! It's trustable. On a side note, I have tried a lot of things from Watsons and Guardian as well but they're crap, I'm sorry to say!
  5. Thank you!! Yeah it is hot here too, so I'll make sure I keep that in mind!
  6. Hey guys! I am 17, with mild-moderate acne on my cheeks and it has always lowered my self-esteem. I have tried mild cleanser along with its toner and anti-blemish cream which are all organic. The good news is that I don't have frequent breakouts, unless when I'm stressed but the bad news is that the acne leave mild scars and I really would want to get rid of them. They're not really scars (I hope), they are more of dormant acne. I also live in Singapore, where it's mostly hot and humid. So