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  1. Well your doc sounds like an A hole, but I'm glad you're getting the help you want Hope you have an easy journey with a fantastic result!
  2. They are just tiny clogged pores it looks like. You can try a scrub to clear them out, but I honestly wouldn't worry about them, they're barely noticeable.
  3. Some of them are scarring and some are not. Red marks are the worst! I've had some for over a year now. My derm keeps telling me to wait because they may fade. Red marks like these are vascular, they aren't something you can scrub off over time. You can get IPL laser for them, which is supposed to even out the tone of the skin. But you should wait as long as possible. They should fade more and more over time.
  4. Hi everyone! Man I'm so sorry that this has turned into a giant depressing thread! I hope everyone is doing well. It was 6 months last friday I believe. I feel I am back to normal. There is a slight indentation where the one gigantic hole was, but I'm confident that no one notices this besides me. I feel like myself again, actually even more outgoing than I was before since I hid myself for the past year. If it gets even better that's great, but if it doesn't I'll be okay with it. I thi
  5. Thats a discussion for you and your doctor. I wouldn't trust reviews on the internet for stuff like that. Anything that messes with your hormones can do more damage than good.
  6. If you consider yourself to have severe acne, then you should definitely visit a specialist. There are professional treatments that can be used on active acne, you can try red light/blue light, but you should get a professional opinion. Your money will best be used after your acne is under control. I also think you should consider accutane if you consider it to be severe and have tried so many other options. I never thought I'd use it either, but after a while you need to weigh your happiness ag
  7. Stop using the ACV. I'm fairly sure that method helped me to get the most severe acne I've ever had. I think it's too harsh for the skin on your face. Stick to aloe to calm your skin, if you have a head on them go ahead and pop but be gentle and then dont touch it again so it can heal.
  8. That is great to hear! Who is your normal dermatologist? I'm in the SF Bay as well, so I can definitely tell you who NOT to see. I also saw Stanford, they basically told me that it wasn't noticeable (what?! ok then) and that I should seek subcision. I was planning on contacting Dr Gladstone as well, I will definitely email you. I'm so glad this worked out for you! Yea like I said, it took about two months just to stop getting worse, I was FREAKING out, as documented :\ It started ra
  9. People have been asking me for an update so here it is. I'm starting to feel like a normal person again. I've been going to lunch, dressing up and going on with life as normal. It is just about 5 months this week and I am confident it will continue to improve until it's back to normal. One of them has stopped improving and I'm pretty sure it's a scar, but I also think it will respond to subcision so I've decided to be patient and once I'm 6 months off accutane I will probably start tr
  10. I would not self treat! It is in your best interests to leave it alone. I know it's hard. It has been 4 months tomorrow and I can say it has actually gotten better, the two long lines are almost completely filled in its like a damn miracle. I still hate one of them but im trying to be patient. I will post pics but I want to see if it gets even better so I will post an update at 6 months.
  11. I'm glad you're on your way to recovery! How did it feel (physically) when he did the procedure? Painful at all? Hope you heal completely!
  12. Please please don't let this run your life. I have seen some really bad scarring (I have it on my face) and yours is NOT BAD. I was expecting so so much worse and when I saw it I literally thought it was nothing. No woman would ever notice this and think you were disgusting, I really don't think we would notice at all.
  13. I'd give it a week before deciding it didn't work. And watch out before you get more in the same spot! Go find my atrophy thread, it is NOT pretty. Make sure they're using the lowest dose on you. I know cystic acne sucks, but giant cave ins on your face is worse I assure you.
  14. My red marks were sooo bad, I was scared they would never fade. They are still not gone close to 8 months later, so I feel your pain. But looking back at pictures they have faded A LOT. This is not hyperpigmentation, this is scar tissue, thats why it's taking so long. If you've ever had surgery or gotten stitches, it takes forever to fade those. This is not simple red marks, it will probably take years to fade completely.