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  1. I've been using the Queen Helene mint mask everyone goes on about here for a while in conjunction with the epsom salts. But I found that using them both separately was a) a pain in the ass and b) required a lot of face washing which really didn't help. So just out of curiosity I mixed a roughly 2.5M epsom salt solution with 8 parts of mask, then stirred in a bit more epsom salt for good luck. It actually seems to be working great, no adverse effects I can see so far. Only problem really is t
  2. About 5 days on from having started using this stuff and all I can say is... wow, it actually works! I wash my face with cold water than splash a 2mol dm^-3 solution of the salts on. So far I'm about 50-60% clear, which considering nothing else has worked, I am incredibly pleased with (might be even more than that, I'm having trouble telling what's scarring and what isn't) Cold water seems more effective than washing with warm. I don't know why but washing with warm with anything has always
  3. That's a bit unlucky! Has it improved at all since? I started mine today, it's only been 12 hours but they already look at lot better I made a solution which was way too concentrated (about 2.5mol dm^-3 to any chemists out there) which makes it quite drying, but it still appears to work quite well.
  4. Has anybody tried Epsom salts, and if so, are they working long-term? They seem like the next best thing to try for me, I had a sulfur soap that worked a treat but the other chemicals were REALLY harsh, and sooner or later it caused massive breakouts. Considering epsom salt is just hydrated MgSO4 I think it holds promise, particularly since I know sulfur works. I'm just curious as to whether anyone has tried it long-term - I can find plenty of people saying they got clear using it bu
  5. I've tried leaving the skin for like two weeks over the holidays, it got about 10x worse unfortunately. I've bought three things which are pretty highly rated on the review section - Queen Helene mint mask, Epsom salts, Vit B3 and D3, and something else I can't even remember. If they don't work I'm just going to call it a day, I've tried almost everything else.
  6. I used to use Quinoderm, which kept me almost completely clear. Now I'm allergic, and can't bring it near my face without getting a massive red ring around my mouth. Think I may be allergic to BP, I'm 99% sure I'm allergic to tetrasodium EDTA (anything containing it yields a similar, but not as bad reaction) Nothing I've tried since has worked and my skin is pretty much a complete mess right now, and the spots above my mouth just WILL NOT GO AWAY. I tried tea tree soap. My face cleared u
  7. Quinoderm worked quite well until I became allergic to it. Everything else I've tried has worked for a few weeks and then caused massive breakouts.
  8. I suppose it's possible - but I used quinoderm 5 to treat my spots without a problem for several years, then I suddenly became "allergic", getting a big red ring around my lips. Hell, even used quinoderm 10 for a while before finding out it was a bit useless. The soap seems to have only a small reaction since it is washed straight off. I will look into it, thanks definitely want to investigate the tea tree route more, it's actually working really well apart from the reaction. (good to s
  9. Does anyone know where I can get some in the UK? Basically, I stopped using quinoderm because it gave me horrible angular cheilitis and eczema. I tried organic tea tree soap, which works fantastically on my spots, but it also gives me the same reaction (albeit not as bad as the quinoderm). The only common ingredient there is EDTA (also known as edetic acid) so I assume that is the cause of my problems. It's not a common allergy so it's not like there's any advertised as EDTA-free, and ED
  10. Quinoderm has been working fantastically for the past three years, the only treatment I found that works, but it appears I've developed an allergy of some sort. I've suffered from angular cheilitis/eczema around the lips for the past 6 months and finally narrowed down the Quinoderm and my shampoo as the cause. Has anyone suffered anything similar? And if so have you found any suitable substitute? Cheers
  11. Hey all. Tried Quinoderm 5 last night to tackle a mild case of acne - mainly above my lips and on the right side of my face. It is mildly effective - spots are less inflamed and nasty looking - but isn't really doing a whole lot. Not even drying out my skin. Should I try Quinoderm 10? Despite my acne being relatively minor, I've never really had any success with acne products, tried Oxy 2.5%, Sudocrem, Clearasil, Oxy wipes, and various other brands, and nothing has ever made any
  12. Same problem here mate, I used Oxy BP2.5% a while back and it dried the hell out of my skin. Tried Quinoderm 5% last night for the first time and although mildly effective, it does almost nothing.
  13. I have a case of somewhere in between mild to moderate acne and have done for quite some time. Nothing has worked (occasionally a product will work for a week or so and then just make it worse). I haven't touched product in probably several months now. Now, the rest of the spots don't bother me a huge amount. But I cannot STAND spots above the lips. And I woke up to, not one, not two, but... SEVEN of them this morning. Tempted to try more expensive stuff up to £30, anyone know of anything
  14. Update. Something is working great - Sudocrem - probably because it's sort of non-abrasive. Just a related note - That nasty ingredient Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Is it bad in shampoo, too? More specificially this one - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fudge-Body-Builder-Shampoo-Litre/dp/B001FASHV8/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top