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  1. Hey! I have some PIH and some pitted scars on my face. I am considering a chemical peel, has anyone tried the PCA Sensi Peel? if so did it work for you? could you share your experiences please? Thank you!
  2. I am a 24yr old male about 60kg and starting accutane at 40mg every other day for a month, followed by 40mg every day for another month. Then will visit my doctor to see if it should be upped for the next month. i have also been taking Bactrim for a month prior to going on this and am now almost completely clear (with lots of scaring/pigmentaiton issues). I am taking accutane because prior to taking bactrim i had persistent acne and most recently had large nodules and cysts and dont want
  3. Hey! Thanks for the reply. ill check out your blog. good luck!
  4. Hi, I am wondering what week/month/day into accutane did you notice your skin become clear. How long were you on accutane? Dosage? Severtiy of acne? Experience an IB? Just tryna get some stats on this stuff! I will be going on it in a week.
  5. Thanks for your responses sweetpotato and Questions123 i feel like my skin has been purging itself for the past month and a half. and right now my acne is mild/moderate from being severe before. im currently taking sulfatrim and cindoxyl gel. i use to take clindoxyl gel only and decided to come off it and use something else (stupid mistake!) that new product severely clogged by pores (you could see the clogged bumps). i stopped using it and went back to clindoxyl gel and a month later w
  6. I never ever broke out anywhere apart from my cheeks... if it really was an IB then it was just the same areas x x Thats good to hear, thanks for the quick reply!!
  7. Quiescence that is an amazing log! I should probably do that as well to track my treatment. Thank you for sharing your story with me along with the pic, it does help. Seems like we have similar type of acne, and its good to see what you were able to clear up in 3 months time! Becky Lou thank you as well for responding. I am glad to hear that the IB was only about two weeks and the antibiotic helped. I am currently on Sulfatrim. and it has helped my acne quite a bit. so i am glad that once
  8. For those of you who have gone on accutane and experienced an initial break out. Where did you break out? 1. On the areas that had acne when you started accutane 2. On the areas that had acne when you started accutane AND areas that were previously clear before starting accutane. just curious as I will be starting it shortly Also, if you didnt break out at all during your treatment, could you shed some light on the dosage you were on, body weight and severity of acne You
  9. @ajab561 thanks for sharing your story and providing insight! Good luck on your second course!
  10. Hi Everyone, I am a 24 year old male. I had bad acne when i was 15-18 years old about a 7 out of 10 (7 meaning, on my cheeks and forehead, nodules, cysts and regular pimples, didnt want to leave my house!). I went on proactive around 19 and started using cliondoxyl gel at about 22 and since then my acne has been a 2/3 out of 10 - meaning I break out here and there, 1 or 2 big pimples, nothing serious, nothing that id complain about. I recently broke out again and its been worse than eve