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  1. Hi Jamie, To be brief, I think you should proceed with isolagen. Its unlike other fillers because it involves your own cells, which you stated. With that in mind, and since you cannot have any adverse reactions to the injection of your own cells, you wouldn't be jeopardizing yourself if something better did come along--I wouldn't worry about that --can't get better than your own cells. Just not worth going any other route, especially if you are young. You don't want the risk of possible
  2. one session of Pulsed dye laser and you'd be ready to rock and roll.. Good Luck
  3. Hi, I'd stay away from the vinegar. Depending on what caused the red marks is where I would start. In general, I recommend starting with a type of laser to kill all bacteria and freshen up the skin (help the red/purple marks). There are many lasers offered, finding the right doctor to invest time and money in is another thing.. hope this helps
  4. Imbue, In an event that your statement was directed at me, please note that one can opt to go under a non ablative treating pinkness from tca, given that enough time has elapsed from tca cross procedure. Waiting months is an option some don't necessarily have to take. Poster asked for a solution treating pinkness. I didn't see anything pertaining to normality or if others had comparable reactions. Please don't double talk me when i'm merely presenting an option.
  5. Its unlikely you'll repair discolored skin by needling. If its pink to begin with (and those with scabs that just came off, this doesn't apply) that means its damaged or healing indefinitely. Needling the skin will more than likely present further damage. Approach pink skin from underneath. Non ablative lasers is a good place to start. Ideally, what you want is/ are new cells. Since the growth of new cells isn't U.S FDA approved yet, non ablative lasers really is your safest avenue. Go
  6. It really depends. Some react to it, others don't. Also very tough to compare as not everyone receives the same settings. However, what you are experiencing is a good reaction to this non-ablative laser. When swelling occurs, The growth of new cells (which repairs the red skin too) is heavily concentrated. Give it 7 days and take it from there. Bests, Max
  7. Yeah, they're missing me as a patient! As soon as FDA gives US approval, I'll be getting my skin biopsy 5 minutes later!
  8. fromchicago, Have you considered a career with candela? I'd have to agree with your opinions on scars and their edges. Although waiting for the skin to surface so it can see the stars takes alot of time, more than alot of us are willing to give!
  9. Antz, Never heard of a scar being to shallow for subcision. Make sure more than one doctor has told you that. Very unlikely. 10% improvement from 4 sets of isolagen, that's a depressing percentage. Do you think you might just be one of the very few people it won't work on????
  10. subcision and isolagen would be great for that scar! Good Luck!
  11. Have you ever consulted with a derm? what did they say? Red patches of skin, no matter how severe can be treated with a laser called intense pulse light. The IPL is your best chance in returning your skin back to its normal pigmentation.
  12. Intense Pulse Light, IPL, is a laser that should rid if not reduce this red patch you are referring too. Any if you live in New York City, there is a doctor on every corner with this laser Good Luck
  13. Hi Teresa, Personally, I think Dr. R is a good doctor..He has helped me a great deal. However I never thought he had the newest nlite machines. I know this because I've had Nlite sessions with him and others and was able to compare not only both laser machines but how each doctor administered the laser. From that experience I knew that Dr. R charged too much for too little. $650 dollars is not worth the few zaps he does. I found a doctor with a better Nlite machine who did it for $275 wi
  14. Hi Jamie, It helps that you posted a picture, because i can say that your plastic surgeon is dead wrong! I think the visible scars on your right cheek will receive 50+% improvement from a couple subcisions. I had about 5 rolling scars like yours however Dr. Rappaport fixed that...Now you can only see the border. I also don't think plastic surgeons are the right people to see regarding scar treatments. Specialty is key, and finding a specialist is probably the most frustrating. NLITE wi