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  1. Absolutely yes for me. My only regret is that I didn't take it a few years ago!
  2. Update, I relocated to another county in February, and ran out of tablets in early March. This meant I had reached 5900mg total dosage, which is around 80% of the recommended 120mg / kg dose. I had planned on getting prescribed new tablets to finish the course, however I only managed to get an appointment booked just last week. The dermatologist decided since I had been acne free for over 3 months that it wasn't necessary to continue. So the end result of this is I've not had any new pimples
  3. Update: Today I received a phone call from my dermatologist, who basically phoned up to report that my liver enzymes are higher than expected. She asked if I've been drinking alcohol, and I haven't, so she's reduced my dosage down to 20mg (since I only have 20mg tablets and 40mg may be too high) for a few weeks while I have another blood test taken. I'm hoping things settle down / sort themselves out, since the prospect of spending another 5 more months or so on this stuff doesn't sound fun.
  4. Fair enough, thanks for the assurance. So I'm a month and 6 days into treatment, and thought I should post an update. A couple of weeks ago up to now my skin etc has been surprisingly settled, of course there are still new cysts forming most of the time, but they dry up quickly and don't last long. One thing I am liking is how all my blackheads are slowly coming out. Sometimes I'll scratch at them and they will just fall out. Since changing shampoo and using conditioner dandruff has gone away al
  5. Another thing, regarding nose bleed prevention, I've read several posts on here suggesting the use of some Vaseline in the nostrils to help prevent nose bleeds. However I've seen some articles which claim this is dangerous and puts you at risk of lipoid pneumonia - http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/petroleum-jelly/an00947 Surely the risk is pretty low though?
  6. Care to elaborate? They both share the same main ingredient, petrolatum (same as Vaseline), so not sure how you come to that conclusion.
  7. It was around 7 days for me before I experienced any lip dryness, or major dryness in general. Even now (day 13), my lips only require a little chapstick a couple of times a day. My skin is pretty flaky though. My dosage is just 30mg a day at the moment though.
  8. Day 13. My skin has been pretty dry now, and has been flaky for several days. I've got pretty bad dandruff, and my eyebrow hairs seem very prone to falling out, lol. Feels like I'm raining flakes and loose hairs at the moment. I was getting insane itchiness throughout my scalp, and was using a mosturizing spray to relieve it which helped a little, but I changed Shampoo a few days ago from L'Oreal Elvive Anti-Dandruff Intensive to Simple Rich Repair, which has massively helped get rid of the itch
  9. A quick update for day 5. Last night it took me forever to fall asleep - I think it ended up being 3 am or something. I had an itchy scalp and my face was burning up. I've been breaking out pretty badly the last couple of days, especially around the chin area. Can't remember the last time I've had to deal with so many pimples in the morning though. Not cool! Surprisingly, I'm not experiencing a huge amount of dryness yet, my lips are fine, although my eyes feel a little drier than normal. My hai
  10. Thanks for the advice. Yeah it sucks to have gone through the late teens and get the severe acne just as all your friends are growing out of it as I'm sure you can relate! I've been reading / watching more positive experiences to the drug today, which has helped reassure my decision to go through with it. I agree though, as long as I stay aware of any changes and monitor things closely things should hopefully be fine. It feels like things are starting to calm down on my back, even though
  11. Hi all. Obviously I'm new here, so to introduce myself; I'm a 23 year old male, living in the UK. I've suffered from acne since I was 14 years old, and it didn't become severe and cystic until I reached age 19. Since then I've tried many forms of medication, various Benzoyl Peroxide creams, various Antibiotics, different face washes, drinking lots of water, eating healthy etc. I've yet to experience major success with each of these treatments, although they have all helped keep things somewhat