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  1. thanks for the great advice. whats a recommended BHA wash for the UK, is there anything i can get on the high street?
  2. http://www.biore.co.uk/complexion-clearing-products/blemish-fighting-ice-cleanser Biore cleanser containing Salicyclic acid.
  3. What makes you think that? Have you had a bad experience with online dermatology advice services?
  4. I just did an online dermatology consultancy and they recommended diamond microdermabrasion once for month for 3 months and isotrex gel application.
  5. Hello all, I have lots of blackheads and open pore things that look like pin holes down the side of my nose. I also get whiteheads here from time to time. Any tips on how to try and help my skin? Currently using a Biore cleanser product containing Salicylic acid. Many thanks for any help!!!
  6. its not bad at all. in your head you probably think it is much worse than it really is.
  7. what was the outcome? did the regime work for you?
  8. 100mg a day is a huge amount of zinc isn't it? the RDA is 10mg.
  9. if u post a pic of the type of acne you get people may be able to give better advice.
  10. anyone else got any recommendations for cleansers available in the UK? thinking of trying Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser from Boots.
  11. only near where you put the BP or all over your head?
  12. Is it possible that BP can cause dandruff or flaky scalp? I only apply BP to the lower part of my face so it is not applied near my scalp but i a few weeks after I started using BP I got dandruff/flaky scalp. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  13. 10% is plentiful.its the lower % BP's that people can't get i think.
  14. interesting show. maybe more people would have got depression and committed suicide if accutane hadn't helped them.
  15. personally, I apply the BP at night. and moisturise in the morning after I have a shower. what kind of BP are you using? what country are you in? its important to choose a moisturiser which is gentle on your skin - there is a lot of info on this forum.
  16. hi all, I have huge open pores down the side of my nose (where my nose meets my face). sometimes i get whiteheads and sometimes i can see gunk (white strands) coming out the individual pores. the skin is certainly damaged. does BP make this worse? I have been using it to prevent the whiteheads but am wondering if it is making the pores more visible? any tips appreciated! Im getting really self consious about it.
  17. where do you get your bad skin? all over your face or just around the mouth? have you tried the basic regimen offered on here? cleanser + benzoyle perozide product + moisturiser. sometimes its good to simplify what you do to your skin so that you know what products your skin reacts postivily to. seeing as you are in the UK you may as well go to the doc and see what they say. its freeeeee! if you have not tried a benzoyle peroxide product + moisturiser then you probably should!
  18. thanks for the info. so is the acne.org cream working as well as your 2.5% aquagel?
  19. thanks for the reply. there is one seller on ebay who ships stuff from Thailand but he has thousands of feedback and is over 99% positive I think. from oz its about 20 quid for 60g which isnt too bad as that should last at least 2 months depending on how much you use?
  20. Anewflame thank you! Do you know where can I buy Benzac in the UK? its on ebay uk. i think i might try it. my panoxyl will run out soon.
  21. Hello all, Panoxyl 2.5% and 5% seem to be discontinued and a lot of people seem to be stressing out over this. On ebay UK there is Benzac AC 2.5% and 5% which is also a gel. Surely this is the obvious replacement? I think its what they mainly use in OZ. Think i might have to try it.