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  1. *Sheila*

    I Can't Go Through This Again ( Pic)

    i was clear for maybe 2 or 3 months now i have acne but is not as bad a what it used to be...i did try to control my diet but i can't help i love tacos, pasta sugars.... i now that if i control my diet i will be free of acne but looking at he candida free diet you basically cant eat anything .... like 3 weeks ago i star to notice that my acne is getting bad so what my plan is now is to watch my diet.. it less sugar and less gressy stuff i star to use the regimen with organic coconut oil
  2. *Sheila*

    Help Me Improve My Skin! Noticing A Trend...

    I do use a BP cleanser but it seems to stop working after a while. And I'm using a astringent that is "oil eliminating" that also seems to lose it's effectiveness after a while. i been using a mix lemon juice with baking soda for a week already i apply it every night next day my oily skin seen better i leave the mix over night, give it a try and see if it work for you
  3. *Sheila*

    Stopping The Regimen

    i tried it for a whole month and i know before it get better is suppose to get worse but for me it was getting worse, did not control my oily, and make my skin look flaky ..... i dont feel that i quite too quickly is just some treaments work for some people and not for others , the regimen just was not for me
  4. *Sheila*

    Help Me Improve My Skin! Noticing A Trend...

    if you think your problem is because of your oil skin, well benzol peroxide help a lot but a cheaper way to do that if you don't want to pay for it is every night before you go to bed apply to your face a mix of lemon juice with baking soda, that will control your oily skin and if you have some scar it will help a little bit try it for a week if you don't see any result with your skin just stop it
  5. *Sheila*

    Urgent Advice Needed.

    i think you look for a second professional opinion, talk with another derm about you situation/experience with accutane
  6. *Sheila*

    Urgent Advice Needed.

    if your acne was mild/moderate i don't get why they put you in accutane.... accuatne is only for severe acne, and is only uses when nothing else has work . another thing that i don't understand is why you been on accuatne for so long, even thought you are on low dose , accutane should be uses for a long period of 6 months no more than that because of the temporary and permanent side effects if you are one of those people like me who got acne after a full course of accutane well we had to find
  7. *Sheila*


    i'm not sure, i did the home candida test and it was positive, i also get to many yeast infection....like every other months i went to the doctor and they dont want to do a test to find out if i actually have candida, but is just by knowing my body that i strongly believe that i do have an overgrowth of candida... and yet everytime i take antibiotics not necessary for acne but for example when my dentist prescribe it i do get yeast infection
  8. *Sheila*


    well i going to try candex to see if it work for me, i see it work for a lot of people so i just going to try it for two months if i don't see any change then i will stop it . i just not sure how to take ii, i read some reviews but everybody seen to take it differently, staring with four capsule a day two in the morning two in the afternoon, or start it with one pill a day and the by day increase the dose until i get four capsule a day..... that any boy have any experience with it? how did it
  9. *Sheila*

    Accutane - Bad Start

    is alway possible that you could be having an allergy reaction to the drug... yes is suppose to get worse before it get better but if you believe thats beyond worst, you should either go to the ER they will tell you right away or make an appointment with your derm
  10. Ok i have an appoiment to see me regular doctor and i want to determine for sure if i have an overgrowth of yeast.... Knowing my body and after a lot of research i'm almost 100% sure that this is the cause of my acne.... But there is any test i can have done to determinate it ??? What should i asked my doctor when i talk to him about this problem .....I'm going to be with him for a little while cuz i want to do a lot of exam to see if i am allergy to anything, how is my sugar level and so
  11. *Sheila*

    Started Breaking Out After Using Salicylic Acid

    before it gets better is going to get worse....... thats what i try to think every time i try something new..... i always use a new product for about two months, if in that time i don't see any improvements i stop it .
  12. i personal think that you should deal with your acne first because even if you scar go away with the tca eventually your acne will create new scars , your acne look pretty active to me in your second pic i see pimples under your skin, and when those come to the surface layer of your skin it will create new scar... so my suggestions is try to deal with your acne and then with the scars
  13. seen to me that you have not really look in to this pages cuz it has a lot of different treatment for acne, and the experience people have had with each one of then, however before doing something with your acne find the roof of it and try natural stuff before going into chemical, but it you want a list you could fin from accutane , antibiotics, chemical pills to diet, creams, and so on
  14. accutane will help you a lot but will no solve your acne problem completely. is all depend on what kind of acne you have, i guess acne could not be clear by only one treatment or solution it is a combination of a lot of factor. before recommending acne i will suggest you to find out first what is the cause of it, hormonal, the food you eat, weather, ect when you find the roof of your acne i will be more easy to find what is best for you.... if is hormonal acutane will do nothing, i will help
  15. *Sheila*

    I Can't Go Through This Again ( Pic)

    My acne is getting a little better i don't know if is the regime, the ultimate flora or my diet but what ever it is, is working.