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  1. hi AyeAye (and sorry sasound23 to forum-crash your post) I'm just not getting any replies on my post. I thought maybe I could get some answers now through here. Main side effects I'm concern about is the flakiness and the burning sensation - how bad do they get pls? I've just ordered my first regimen pack, I'm excited to start on it but at the same time I'm anxious. I have a very sensitive skin that at times I can't even expose it to the sun (moderate acne on chicks). Thx in advance Ruth
  2. Keep up the good work... I'm staying tune... It won't be long and you'll be as big as FB
  3. this is a great idea, i was just wondering if this is available on smart phones. will an app be available on iph soon or can it only access it on safari?
  4. thx Dylan. atleast that's a start for me. cheers
  5. hi all, i'm still learing how to manoeuvre around here.. (i posted something the other day and i can't find it now, don't even know if someone replied to it ).. anyhoo, my other concern is the side effect, well maybe not side effect but what can i expect from using The Regimen. i just ordered online and what i can see from other people' comment that there are few not so good stuff that you have to go through first before the grand result. can someone pls tell me exactly what they all are
  6. hi all, new here from Syd Aus. i've read through a lot of the topics here but didn't come across questions about the acne marks. just want to know if BP actually helps get rid of the dark marks the acne leaves. i've read that it helps rid the acne but i'm also concern about the the dark marks. this might be a silly question, sorry if i waste eveyone's time.. than you