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  1. Hi I've just gone past my 5th week on ro- accutane and I can now honestly say I am happy with my skin, so much so that it's one of my good assets. I am 21 and have had mild acne with moderate breakouts since the age of 16. I had tried all the over- counter products as well as most of the drugs available on perscription, both topical and oral with little success. I tried to get my doctor to refer me to a derm many a time and he simply said it wasn't a serious enough case, but for me it was.
  2. Hi I had my intial breakout at the end of the third week and I thought there was no chance my skin would be clear within a month! However only two or three days since the breakout occured and my skin has begun clearing VERY quickly. I'm not getting the big spots I had with my initial breakout anymore and the blackheads and whiteheads etc. are dissapearing or falling off my face all the time. I've had a few little spots come up on my back however, but they soon go, so I think it is indeed poss
  3. Claire I know what your saying about acne getting you down, even if it isn't that bad compared to alot of people. If it bothers you then it is bad enough! Anyways I am 21 and my acne was mild (face/ back) but persistent enough to bother me, so I opted for ro- accutane. What I can say from my experience so far (3 weeks) is that the side effects are minimal, as all I have had so far is dry skin. The initial breakout for me (if indeed it was, here's hoping!) was bad, the worst acne I hav
  4. Thanx Rach, you've made me feel better already. Keep us posted with how your getting on, here's hoping things improve in time for xmas/ new year's eve!
  5. Hi I've been on Ro- accutane (20mg day, weigh 60kg) for three weeks exactly. Before starting Ro- accutana I had persistant mild acne on my face (mainly blackheads/ whiteheads) with occasional spot and mild acne on my back, consisting of a few sizeable spots and small pimples. Over the first two weeks the acne on my back became a little worse, but is now pretty much gone with only one or two spots and red marks remaining. My face to improved. It was no longer greesy and many of the b/h- w/h
  6. Hi I know there is an explanation and description of types of scars on the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section of this messageboard, but does anyone have photographs of 'rolling' scars? I'm not sure whether I have very shallow versions of these or whether they are in fact just red/ dark colour marks from whiteheads/ blackheads. Either way they should fade while i'm on accutane, seeing as it's shedding my skin a fair bit? Thanx as always... Andy
  7. Thanx Parrotthead, something else for me to worry about!!! Nah seriously thanx for pointing that out but I doubt the dermo would have perscribed it if it was that big a threat. Anyways just wanted to wish you luck also with your treatment!!!
  8. Hi I've been on Ro- accutane, 20mg a day (weigh 60kg or so) and ethrymycin, 4 pills a day for 11 days now and have a few questions. Firstly the only side effects I have noticed so far are very dry skin and redness on the the face and some aches and pains. Lips arn't particularly dry and no nosebleeds etc. My skin on my face definately seems to be less oily and the few spots I had on my forehead have gone. There seems to be even more whiteheads and blackheads than before all over my fac
  9. Man the drug works well!!! That was only after a month or so of treatment as well 8-[ Well you have given me much encouragement, thanx man
  10. Agent X I see that you were taking 20mg of Accutane a day for 5 months and you say your now totally clear of acne. I to have been put on the same dose and was wondering what sort of side effects you had and how your acne worsened/ improved etc. over time? Also how ad was your acne to begin with?
  11. Hi i'm 21 and started Ro- accutane three days ago. I was told before being perscribed not to smoke, yet there is nothing about smoking in the "Do's" and "Don'ts" leaflet I got with the pills? I know it's a bad habit and this seems a good reason to quit, but what would smoking while on Accutane do exactly? Anyone smoked while on it? Also another question in regard to dosage. I weigh around 65kg and was put on 1 (20mg) tablet per day for a month along with 4 Erythromycin tablets (250mg) for a m
  12. Basically warm the flannel or small towel via hot water. Place it over ur face a couple of times (for about 5 seconds or so), personally i mainly do it on the forehead and nose cause that's where I get breakouts. Do this before you apply ur face wash and then rinse with warm water. Wash ur face twice a day. If you do workout etc. then try and do this before u wash ur face like normal, if u can't then just rinse ur face with warm water. I'm not saying it's gonna work for everyone but there's no h
  13. I have suffered from acne from the age of 16 to around Christmas time last year, I am now 20. I had loadsa little pimples all over my face, whiteheads, blackheads and spots all over my body. I tried all the benzyol peroxide products under the sun and granted for a couple of weeks from time to time I would have no spots, just a whole load of red marks etc. I tried ethromycin, minocin etc and although they helped they didn't clear up my skin. I decided then that I wanted to go onto accutane but wa