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  1. As far as I know, you can't directly hydrate your skin by drinking more fluids but that isn't to say your skin can't become dry if you're dehydrated. Paula Begoun has written about this on her website, PaulasChoice.com. Also, the body can't store water so once your system is fully hydrated, the rest is simply excreted. Therefore it's much better to drink small amounts of water regularly throughout the day if you want to prevent dehydration. Whether or not you 'need' to use a moisturiser de
  2. I think you're conflating three entirely separate things: how much sebum a person makes, how much moisture is in his skin, and how many wrinkles he has! I'm simply talking about my own life's experience and also wanted to mention that I was told by a doctor (not my dermatologist) but a former general practitioner that I was lucky to have such oily skin, since it means very few wrinkles as I age. Just sayin'. I also know people who are now middle aged, and have oily skin and look quite young d
  3. Have to agree with bryan here. I have a very oily skin that is dehydrated so I have to use a moisturiser immediately after washing to help reduce water loss.
  4. It's not so much the amount you apply as the strength and frequency of application. Only the product in contact with the skin will be absorbed so by applying a lot of the product, you're wasting money more than anything. Like AyeAye, I used to use a moisturiser with SPF in the morning and AHA plus BP in the evening. Even after several months of use, my face would turn red after applying BP, but by the morning it looked and felt great. The AHA really helped my skin to look more healthy than
  5. There's no reason not to use a topical while you start your course. The two things can't interact and, as long as you face is still comfortable, everything will be fine. That's not to say that you won't have an IB of course, but it takes a few weeks for the full effects of accutane to kick in so sticking with your topical is probably wise. Regarding the Cetaphil lotion, it will give you day-to-day protection but is not equivalent to an SPF 15 sunscreen, which must always be the last thing
  6. Yeah, never worked for me either. Tried it several times with a similar dose and my skin looked worse if anything.
  7. Good luck with the surgery Gators_Fan. While you're unable to use accutane, I recommend giving Isotrex or Isotrexin a try. It doesn't work as well as accutane for me but it certainly helps keep my skin under control. Would be interesting to know how it works for you too, having been clear on a low dose accutane regimen.
  8. Hey Estranged, I'm a similar build to you, 5'9" and 65kg. When you first start weight training, focus on compound movements that use all the major muscle groups like squats & deadlifts, chest press, bent over rows, etc. Don't worry too much about isolated exercises like curls or crunches until you're more advanced. This way, you'll develop a nice, balanced physique and encourage your body to grow. You don't need to go overboard, especially as you're still young. A simple routine and a
  9. Yeah, the 20% SA can certainly feel uncomfortable, particularly if used frequently. You can't mix SA and LA (SA's a BHA so oil soluble, LA's an AHA so water soluble) but you can layer them. Apply the SA first, then the LA. The SA helps the LA to penetrate the skin's oil barrier allowing it to go deeper into the skin to give a deeper peel. You can buy them mixed (with additional ingredients) but the result is a Level 4 peel, which is quite strong but could work well for you. Check out http://ww
  10. I've used peels on and off for a few years now and have never really found them to be that useful for maintaining a clear complexion. As you say, it often starts out well, then either becomes ineffective or starts to irritate the skin. I've had similar results to you with mechanical exfoliation too and decided to give that up completely in the end. I still use a 20% salicylic peel from time to time if my skin needs a boost but it is very drying even though I have very oily skin. What has work
  11. That's not entirely accurate. According to the clinical data, the chance of curing acne is proportional to the total cumulative dose relative to your body mass. The recommended dosages are therefore based on your body mass and achieving the required total cumulative dose in a certain period of time. There is no clinical data to prove that lower dosages over a longer period of time can also cure acne, nor is there any to disprove it. Since the side effects are much more tolerable at lower level
  12. Hi, I'm new here but, sadly, not new to acne. I'm 32 and have suffered with mild to moderate acne and extremely oily skin since I was about 15. As a fitness and grooming consultant (at Smart Body Image) the last thing I need is a face full of acne when meeting clients. My skin has been consistently clear for the first time since 2011 when I finally decided to give ultra low dose accutane a try. To cut a long story short, I've managed to get my accutane dosage down to 10mg twice a week with