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  1. Love, love, love

    I've been using this paired with Lush's ultrabland cleanser and I can honestly say that I will not be using any other toners ever again. Every single one I've tried has eventually caused me to breakout or dry out. This stuff doesn't and it's fantastic. Especially after using the cleanser to just get that last bit of makeup/dirt off. Brilliant stuff.
  2. Cannot recommend enough!

    So I've struggled with moderate acne for years, always located around my mouth/jawline/chin area... I went on roaccutane at age 23, I'm now 27 and while I stayed clear for a number of years, acne has slowly started to become a problem for me again. Let me state that it is nowhere near as bad as it was, accutane really helped that, but it's still very noticeable and stupidly persistent. I decided that I had to change my skincare routine, which included finding a cleanser that didn't break me out
  3. Rachel Evers



    This is the only toner that I have used that has not caused me to breakout. I use it along with Simple's refreshing facial wash and it has done wonders for my skin, which has the annoying tendency to both break out and be very, very dry.
  4. Great for dry and sensitive skin

    I have skin that has a tendency to dry out very easily and very quickly. After suffering a few bad breakouts post-accutane, I decided to start cleansing twice a day, morning and evening, rather than just in the evening as I had been doing. I used a number of other facial wash cleansers and they all dried my skin out, to such an extent that it was peeling horribly. This Simple facial wash is by far the best I have used and since I have there have been no fresh breakouts and my skin is not dried o
  5. Hi all. So I was on accutane back in 2013 with great success. However, back in November I had a breakout that was a little worse than usual. I wasn't too worried because I tend to get these in a very minor form still a week or so before my time of the month. However, at the same I had been to see a doctor because I was having issues with painful periods, bad PMS etc and she recommended that if I wanted a natural solution I should try Evening Primrose Oil. I started taking these with grea
  6. Hi all. Currently on day 35 of accutane and into my second month. So far I am pleased with the results as my skin is already looking tonnes better than it did. I have had very few side effects up till now, excluding the obvious very dry skin and a couple of nasty headaches during my first week. However, a couple of days ago I started noticing tiny little bumps appearing on the backs of my hands in sort of clustered formation. They didn't itch, in fact I barely noticed them until yesterday wh
  7. I hope things have gotten better for you MissStarz I know how horrible sleep depravation can be! I hope my update will make you feel better though. The lack of sleep issue for me has since worked itself out and I feel a whole lot better than I did when I first started accutane. I think it was literally me getting myself worked up over a new medication. I really hope you're feeling better about it yourself.
  8. Another accutane related post from me. Bleurgh. So it's been a week and I really don't feel good. Mentally I feel fine, just a tiny bit more irritable. Physically though is a different story. I feel exhausted within like 2 hours of waking up, eyelids feel heavy, my head aches... Not in the classic headache sort of way, just constantly a bit achey, mostly around the front/temples area. Also this morning I felt quite sick. Not to the point of actually throwing up but just a little. Is it n
  9. I have to say I definitely feel as though I wasted my time going on this drug. It did wonders clearing up my skin, yes, but as soon as I went off it the acne came back with a vengeance. Also after going on and off and on for over a year it eventually stopped working altogether as I had built up immunity I suppose. By this point my acne was in fact worse than it had been before the treatment. This may have due to other factors but yeah. I will say though that those months it did work were such a
  10. Hi all. After about five years of acne and little success with everything else I have just started taking roaccutane two days ago, 40mg a day. I realise this is very early in the course but I have been experiencing quite a lot of anxiety. Now I'm not actually inclined to believe that it is the accutane causing this because a) it seems way too early for that to kick in and b) I experience anxiety nearly every time I start a new medication that is going to be for quite a length of time. I've h