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  1. Not too serious at all this is probably just barely moderate acne. Benzoyl peroxide and maybe a retinoid will clear you right up. I'm using epiduo right now and it's working great. To help speed up results I suggest an oral antibiotic. Don't get too stressed because this is very treatable!
  2. Ive stopped caring how i feel. I am completely and utterly defeated by my acne. My life could not be any worse and there is NOTHING that makes me feel better about it. I do not have a single friend and i just feel like laying in my bed all day and pray to god that the world really does end on dec 21.
  3. This brings back terrible memories for me...I had those deep nodules on my cheekbones as well and they HURT LIKE HELL! I still have some deep scars there but not everyone scars as bad as i do so hopefully u will have better luck.
  4. It really is pretty scary what accutane does to your mind. I know from experience. I think in my case the fact that my acne came back after accutane is the reason i became so depressed.
  5. I thinks its kind of funny how worried some of you are about potential side effects from taking one too many vitamins. I would give up my own damn FOOT to have clear skin!!! Having severe acne is not something i would wish upon satan himself.
  6. My life is at its all time low. I have never felt so terrible about being me. I have been off accutane about 6 months now and have recently started epiduo. Im breaking out like crazy!! Has anyone else used epiduo? I would appreciate hearing if it has helped yall or not.
  7. I know exactly what that feels like. I finished taking accutane last may and it cleared me almost completely. I was fine with having a few leftover pimples, because they weren't as deep as before, but the scars were annoying. I had been planning to get them removed somehow this christmas but unfortunately my acne is already coming back right now. I don't know if I should try to get back on accutane asap or hold off and have a scar treatment done first.
  8. ive never had one but everytime i find a girl that i like things dont work out because of the fact that i have acne or that im too socially awkward because of my acne...kind of interesting and depressing to see natural selection is trying to kill acne through my life :/
  9. i feel pretty good now that i am locked in my room with myself and dont have to be within any other humans line of sight . However, come monday i will have to reenter my life which i would choose living in the 9th circle of hell over.
  10. 1. my emotions 2. my friends 3. ability to have fun 4. ability to go out into public
  11. I also still have my acne after accutane. I was really really hoping to be cured and when i broke out again i was emotionally so destroyed i almost dropped out of school. I realized that I would not be happy anywhere on earth even if i quit school though so i stuck with it. Now I don't even really care for or find anything in life meaningful. My life consists of going to classes, sleeping, and eating. I don't have any close friends and I don't try to meet new people. I dont know what to do with
  12. Retinoids have always made me breakout, I don't like them and won't use them. What do you mean when you say copper?
  13. Steph i am very serious about removing these scars. Im just not sure what the best way to go about doing this is. My scars are not very depressed, but they are textured differently than my normal skin. They seem to be kind of rough and dry feeling. I will take your advice and try to wear sunscreen everyday because i understand that the sun will turn them darker. Gables, Why do you suggest lactic acid peels over other ones?