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  1. Since I posted this, me acne has gotten noticeably worse, and since Im 15, I can't exactly afford the regimen, does anyone have any good over the counter treatments that they would recommend?
  2. Thanks for all your replies, I will without a doubt try the regimen.
  3. I'm new here, and I don't what this regimen thing is, can someone please explain?
  4. The worst part of it is that this is supposed to be the best years of my life, and it's quickly becoming the worst
  5. I am posting this as my last resort, I am a 15 year old boy and I have had bad acne for three years and it has taken away my entire life, when I'm not at school, I'm staring at myself in the mirror wondering, why me? This is my second year of high school and I haven't been able to introduce myself to a girl yet, I have tried everything to get rid of my acne, and I'm tired of worrying, I haven't relaxed in years, and I'm tired of going to bed completely exhausted from be stressed about it, any he