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  1. Every morning for the last few months I wake up with dried up blood on my face from popped pimples. This never happend before I didnt change the way I sleep so I dont know whats going on. Do you guys know whats causing this?
  2. Hey Sara do you use the trisan anti-bacterial cleanser? What do you think about it?
  3. I dont understand how people can cleanse their whole face with only a little bit of this cleanser. By the time I apply it on half of my cheek the rest of it drys up and its impossible to spread it on the rest of my face. Every other cleanser spreads smoothly on your skin but not this crap. What a waste of money.
  4. I didnt like it maybe I did it wrong. It was hard to spread the lather across my face without pulling the skin. This is what I did splashed water on my face. used one pump in my hand then lathered it up with my hands. i used two more pumps (which i shouldnt have to do) because my hands didnt even have much lather and because of this it makes it hard for my fingers to spread the lather on my face without pulling the skin. Am I doing it right?
  5. Is it easy to rub it on your face without too much irritation?
  6. I got one before and I didnt like it. My acne looked alot worse for like a week. I dont think it makes much difference and it costs $20. [-(
  7. Does it matter how much cleanser you use to wash your face? Should the lather be so thick you cant see your skin or it doesnt matter? Dans videos wont work for me.
  8. I dont use anything to cover my acne but some girls asked me if I wear mascara because I have very long curly eyelashes.
  9. This is why I stopped using bp during the day. Any snow water or sweat gets on my face and I get a huge gooey white crap on my face.
  10. I use it and I like it. But it has sweet almond oil in it and I think that irritates the skin a little.
  11. I started drinking 4 litres of water a day a few months ago and I get less acne now. I also stopped putting medication on my face. I only use a cleanser morning and night.
  12. I see the neutrogena 2.5% bp at shoppers drug mart in Toronto.
  13. I have been on the regimen for about 6 weeks. I took a 2 day break from BP then last night I put a generous amount on and I got red. Moisturiser makes my redness go away but it didnt work this time. Even the spots where I put VERY SMALL amount of bp got red. That never happend before, not even day 1 of regimen. So this scared the shit out of me and I just washed it all off. Do you know what could be causing this?
  14. Lots of pimples are going away now. I only get like 3 small pimples a week and a bigger pimple every 4-6 weeks. I have stopped using BP during the day. I always get white stuff all over my face plus the moisturiser makes my skin look oily. The only problems I am having is dry skin. Its only dry on my left temple, upper left forehead and half of my left cheek. I dont even put bp on upper forehead or temple so it must be the cold weather causing it.
  15. The area around my nostrills has been red for over 2 years. I dont get acne on this area so I dont know what its from. What can I use to get rid of it?
  16. I have been using lots of BP and its working. All my pimples got smaller and some are gone. It made my face red but its going away. Today my face got very dry. I still didnt get the daily renewal moisturiser. If I cant find it what percentage alpha hydroxy should I get?
  17. I cant view the videos It says quicktime is installed but when I click the video a broken picture comes up. This morning when I put lots of BP on I waited 15 minutes and it still wasnt fully absorbed. Is this ok or should I rub it in a little more? The moisturiser is taking a long time to absorb too.
  18. My chin hasnt got any pimples since I started the regimen. I just have the red spots now. Middle of my forehead has improved only a few pimples have come up, the rest are red spots. Right cheek is looking good only 2-3 pimples and red spots. Left cheek is the worst area lots of red spots and small pimples. Its hard to tell if its a pimple or red spot because there so small. But it has improved a bit since starting regimen. I dont have redness anymore and no stinging. I will start using a alpha
  19. Some more pimples dried up but some new ones came. Theres been like 5 mornings when I didnt do the regimen because I had no time. But I will wake up earlier now and do it. Today I added a little bit more BP and I have that stinging feeling and some redness.
  20. Some pimples in my problem areas are drying up and I only got a few new pimples that are very small. My skin is getting red but nothing severe. This is expected right? I'm happy so far.
  21. I started last night. splashed warm water on face washed with cleanser gently pat dry waited 5-15 minutes for skin to dry applied BP to problem areas I didnt feel any dryness or stinging and no redness. This morning I did the same thing but put on moisturizer after. Felt a little tightness on skin but no redness no peeling etc. i dont think there has been any clearing yet.
  22. I did a search on this but couldnt find what i was looking for. Every other day at school I have gym class at 2:00pm and I sweat alot. I wanted to know if the BP and moisturizer would already be dried up by 2pm or would it come out with my sweat? If it will come out what should I do?