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  1. Hey girl What type of moisturizer do you use? I had this problem after quitting Retin-a and found out it was because my skin was so dehydrated.. I stopped exfoliating as well for a while to get my moisture barrier back. Do they pop out of nowhere sometimes overnight? I use First aid beauty ultra repair cream and its helped tons
  2. Hi Mr.T, I took Accutane about 5 years ago, and I experienced the same thing. Mine went away but took a bit of time. I found continuing gentle skin options and moisturizer helped me. I think the flushing might be common as I have heard i a lot!
  3. Hi AhaGuru, Thanks for the response! I've picked up the D3 and hoping it helps This is a pic of my current skin; sometimes it's better sometimes it;s worse.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me out; I've got a question with 'Clindoxyl' or 'Duac' is another name for the topical. I've gone thru accutane and managed to end up with fairly mild acne 5 years later. What had come back mostly was really small red bumps on my forehead. I was on Retin-a for just over two years and it worked amazing. Didnt really experience any during that time. I've quit Retin-a about a month ago because I'm planning on my first baby end of this year Unfortunately
  5. If it's also on your arms, it sounds to me like keratosis pilaris. Maybe check it out?
  6. Try either an AHA (I use Dan's AHA cream) or retin-a. I went off retin-a because we're going to have kids soon, and I got these again. I ordered Dan's AHA and it works pretty nicely
  7. Have you tried hydrocortisone cream? It's worth a try or perhaps don't use any acne meds for a few days..wash with a gentle cleanser (like CeraVe) and a simple moisturizer. We've all been there, don't worry! It'll only be temporary
  8. Hi Jacky, Do those bumps stay for weeks at a time? Looks to me like closed comedones. Try adding a AHA+ into your regime Acne.org has a cream one!
  9. Hi again, When that happened to me and my doctor told me they where 'just pimples' and proceeded to pop them for me..they spread. Perhaps thats whats happened with you? Maybe let them heal? When I got in to see my derm after that she told me I shouldnt be popping anything that doesnt have a head. For fungal infection I honestly reccomend the apple cidar vinegar Hope it's gotten better!
  10. I use Retin-a aswell! I do find I cant wear it on my lower half of my face as it dries it out way too much; not even moisturiser helps that lol. Any luck yet?? Really hope you give the apple cider a go
  11. Hi there This really sounds like what happened to me 4 years ago. It's horrible and I'm so sorry your going thru this Looks so similar to mine was, all arond the chin and I believe my skin had a pinkish tint around the mouth/nose aswell. I got it from using a steroid too strong for my face; when I stopped using it the rash blew up. It was like 100s of comedones came out of nowhere. I was put on 100mg of Minocycline as well and given Metrogel (for perioral dermatitis) I also used organic
  12. Hey girl Read your other post...My face looked similar before I took Accutane years ago. I had alot of red marks left over and they took a while to fade. More so after my treatment was finished. I used (and still use to this day) Organic Apple Cidar Vinegar as a toner for my face Diluting it with water of course. But i can deffinetely see the improvement. I had a hard time too because you dont see the real affects until after your course is done. I got pimples on accutane too and I thought the
  13. Did you ever try organic Apple cidar vinegar? Used to have this problem bad..especially on my forehead! Took two rounds of Accutane and those are the only ones that still bothered me years later. I read about using the ACV which I already used with great success to treat a rash. It keeps them away from my skin and I havent had any in a long time. I reccomend trying it. Braggs brand works the best. Also, try diluting it with water 50% so it doesnt dry out your skin Also I found my Retin-A cream
  14. Eucerin Redness Relief Its a moisturizer with a slight green tint that balances out the redness. I found this worked for me while I took Accutane and had quite a red face! Also, if I wasn't moisturizing properly and my skin was dry it was always redder. I also try to wash my face with luke warm water then cold at the end to avoid the red too:)
  15. Hi Rocket boy, check into perioral dermatitis or sebboric dermatitis. Its actually like a rash thats easily confused with acné. I had perioral dermatitis and mine started similar to yours. Its Under the rosecea and facial redness section