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  1. I'm glad now i can announce new update to ysou guys. I didnt bought regimen. I took deeper research and i found a simple way. and lord help me it work.!! Past 2 month i start drinking artichoke It's work! you all have to try this out! i boiled the artichoke for 40 mins and drinking with out sugar and let me tell you for straight 2 week for the 3rd week i hardly see any pimple grown maybe here and there one or two not much at all. but it's getting flat down i hardly see its new pimple but
  2. You are never alone. Just know there's always at least one person who understands what you are going through.

  3. Green Gables If you really see picture of my acne on the thread i created .. you would know why .. people see me like a deadly toxic poison if they come by i might infect them and kill them when people see me . they staring at my acne not just that they give me nasty talk , so what about opinion right? easy to say .. i even got fired from a job few months ago due to my acne . like how my picture that i update on 9-20 . everywhere i go people avoid so what's the point even going out.. al
  4. Thank you for you honesty , and everyone esle please if you talk about my ance it wont hurt because i know you were once in my shoe and you being honest and try help me out. so please dont be affraid to comment and talk about my acne or pimples and because you are trying to help me after all so i really thankfuls for your advice. tuffluck thank you! i love to know that .. the Regimen work for you! i dont mind having red.. marks but atleast slow down this acne it's spreading fast... My normal
  5. i understand.. how you felt.. sometime you got to face the fear.. easy to say but hard to apply... as my self.. i have to work my but off to pay the bills.. and everyday i have to face with people.. and alot them with very bad mouths.. all i could do i smile.. but 1000s tears behind that... smile but sometime just got to suck it up ... you cant stop people judging you ...or talk about.. u.. as my self i'm in my own world.. no one really understand.. or known if u check out my post i just update
  6. AKanel Thank you for reply and comment... yes it's hard to go dermatological with out insurance.. but thanks for recommend me btadine and providone.. but i did some research... and kinnda scare.. me to test something that i'm not really sure...... i guess.i'm only gonna use the Reginmen until.. than. even if one day i have my face clear.. up i wouldnt go back and spit on my old boss.. face.. That not just how i am.. even people dont show respect but i still show them some respect. but than
  7. Thank you iskaestar, as the few thing u recommend . i search it up on google " moisturizer with spf" it's like 1000s products , the cetaphill they have many products too so i'm not really sure or understand.. whhichproducts are you talking about. sorry due to my english is limit.. please explain more.. i'm new to this.. yes i'm trying looking up for healthy diet but i'm really not getting .. because i only know how to cook vietnamese foods.. as the search continue so many thing i need to learn.
  8. Thank you everyone that's answer and try to help.. let me tell little bit about my self.. This is Me When i was young. sorry the image too small it's been years.... back then.. As a young teen, i grow up in a low class family house, life was struggle for all of us and i was having problem with family. so i pack my cloths and ran away to different state, from tx to va by myself at the age 15, with out knowing anyone.. i live on the street, under the tunnle, bridges midnight i digging food of
  9. If i have extra money i would... going to dermatologist but.. i don't have insurance .. i cant afford it.. but thanks for replying and advice
  10. iskaestar Thank you, Replying this thread. what kind Cetaphil products are you talking about ? They have few different type of stuff .. but which one of Cetaphil products that you say? i'm not very sure.. which one to get.. and i'm planning getting the Regimen.. hopefully it's gonna work on me.. , i really appreciated your reply truly dear.
  11. Hello Everyone, Sorry posting same thread on other section i post wrong place.i think now i posted in a right section sorry and thanks everyone reading this. PLEASE THIS IS EXTREME FRIENDLY REMINDER IT"S LOOK VERY NASTY SO BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO VIEW MORE MAKE SURE YOU READY FOR THIS!! UPDATE SOME PICTURE 9-20 I'm new member of acne.org I need a serious. help please advice.. thanks you Before reading this please don't flame me or accuse me anything, My English are not great and i try