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  1. xjeff94x

    Day 44

    Looking good Especially left side!
  2. Good Improvements Do you have insurance btw, why does it cost so much for you?
  3. xjeff94x

    Week 4

    I've been following your posts especially because we do them on the same day Haha, well your a week ahead but it's all good, almost the same thing Even on day 16 I saw improvement! Good luck gurl! Ohh and BTW, why dont you just make the blogs with the pics? Why do them seperately? Just askin, not hating
  4. I see progress Good to see you are already getting good results. Has your face become Dry? Mine is seriously getting to dry! Im getting cuts along my face too because my face cracks from how dry it is -_-* I know! I thought I would not get the backpain but I got it 1st time last night! I could barely lay down on my bed it hurt so much! but its gone as far as today so hopefully i only get it rarely, we'll see.. But yea, drinking water Helps a lot Ive noticed as well
  5. Sounds great man. Good results so far. No IB? Anyways im going to start on the 11th this month and Im excited. Reading all these posts makes me happy to see something is working for people like us. Any tips btw? Good Luck on your journey and ill stick to your blog if you continue to post
  6. Agreed, but we got to learn to push through the bad parts in life. Maybe if you havent, go see a dermatologist. I know it takes courage going there and accepting the fact that you have a Medical issue, but if you are really tired of your acne i highly reccomend it. I too have friends that dont understand...Sometimes I dont even go out because my acne is really starting to break out or flare up...And its ruining my social life and I love hanging out with people so much. Im soon going to start