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  1. How well would a dermaroller work? Or acid peels? Thanks
  2. I have a pic attached. To me it looks like boxcar and icepick. I have icepicks at the jaw line and around the mouth mainly. What treatments would help with this? In the pic it doesn't look too bad, but it looks bad in some cases where the lighting is different.
  3. Would love to see the latest pics if there has been any more improvement. Thanks
  4. Please post some updates. Would love to hear how it is going with the green cream. Thanks
  5. Please keep us updated. I would really love to know how it turns out. Thank You
  6. Hello, I did some searching but didn't find anything regarding this. I accidently shaved over a mid-to-large sized whitehead. I was trying to shave around it, but it didn't work out. Will it leave a scar? Can I apply a bandaid and/or ointment to make sure it doesn't scar? Thanks