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  1. I've had incredible success with dianette. I took it for three weeks and was completely clear. But then I'm a classic case of PCOS-driven acne, and am particularly sensitive to male hormones whilst deficient in female ones - so I guess it may not work for everyone.
  2. Anewflame thank you! Do you know where can I buy Benzac in the UK? No probs! It's an Australian brand and so will need to be shipped over, I paid around £4 for a 20g tube - basically half the size of Panoxyl for twice the price. You can get it a little cheaper if you shop around and especially if you buy in bulk. Personally it's a price I'm willing to pay for clear skin but just a heads up it can get pretty pricey.
  3. Hi everyone! I too had the same problem a few months back when they discontinued the 2.5% stuff so I'll save you all the hassle if you're in this position since I received a lovely message not long ago from the manufacturers of Panoxyl saying they had no plans to reintroduce the stuff. Quinoderm is a terrible replacement, it burns like all hell, rubs off easily and I wouldn't wish it upon my enemy - definitely not suitable for mild acne and certainly no replacement for Panoxyl. Dan's BP
  4. Quinoderm tends not to work as well because frankly it comes off the face a lot easier due to it being a cream formula (as opposed to a gel that dries) - it's absorbed by cloth easier, it can be wiped off easier if you touch your face etc. I personally found it didn't work for me at all and I stuck with it for quite a while. I am quite shocked to read that you're on BP 10 - do lower concentrations not work for you? Honestly, I feel your pain about the Panoxyl, especially since there are not plan
  5. Not true. GSK have announced on their FB page that the Panoxyl line will not be discontinued and will be back on shelves by November, hopefully. Also they're not changing the ingredients in any way (I've heard those rumours too). This has actually happens once every few years with Panoxyl, some people actually hoard it and then sell it on Ebay for stupid money. I don't think FB is a good source for infomation. This email is direct from a UK contact at GSK, It seems that the product is deceased
  6. I've been reading your posts and I'd love to hear how it ends up for you! Keep up with your patience, I'm sure you will see results
  7. What a great idea! It always crosses my mind when I am checking out my skin in the mirror that no one, I mean like ever, gets that close to my face on a day to day basis... so it's unrealistic to think that people will notice in as much detail as I do. I may make that my rule too... I guess we all react differently to different products, I was on Microgynon for 2 years and it didn't make my acne worse (though it certainly didn't make it any better as I was promised!) One of the major reasons I
  8. Hi there Bizz, I have read a few of your posts and I'm really sorry to hear that you're feeling so low. First of all, how long have you been on the regimen for? Are you still on it? A lot of the time when I am feeling low I will proclaim that I have a tried everything and that there is no cure for it and I will always be like this, when the reality is there are many avenues left to explore in my treatment. Do you know if your acne is to do with your hormones? Is it linked to to polycystic ova
  9. Hey, sorry to hear you feel like this - I know the feeling all too well, but even when you do the regime religiously, a few breakouts will happen (at least from my experience). We are human after all and we can't put our skin in a vacuum. I don't know how severe your acne was in the past but from your picture you look like you're pretty much all clear, so though it may be hard just try to focus on that. You have that at least. Better to have these once every few weeks than all the time, right? I
  10. Funny, I am in the exact same position as you - I have mild acne which all but cleared after going on the regimen using Panoxyl. How many pumps are you using may I ask? And I assume you're doing it morning and night? I kind of have a bit of inspo to try it again now!
  11. Wow you're lucky, I had totally the opposite - I used Dan's and broke out completely. Don't you find that it's too thin? Also may I ask if you had any issues changing over - did you have a break out period and then found Dan's worked for you or did it just start working straight away once you had swapped? Yes, they do have different products in different markets. This is just conjecturing but I think that the US market already has a strong leader for BP aquagel (or several), including Dan's pro
  12. Good question - I was wondering about this myself. Panoxyl is a worldwide brand and people from various countries are asking about it on Stiefel's Facebook page, all of whom are largely receiving the same response. A woman who asked about Panoxyl 2.5% Aquagel and was told that all Panoxyl treatments were experiencing a shortage in supply and that they were working diligently with suppliers to resolve the matter. Therefore I assume any announcements will refer to all Panoxyl products, in the US,
  13. Hey Tony. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down today, I completely empathise with you though. I am not sure about the links between stress and acne, though I assume they feed into each other in some way. Have you been to a doctor/dermatologist? Once you get the ball rolling you may feel a lot better knowing you're on your way to a cure.
  14. I always got irritated about that - BP may cure your acne but it certainly doesn't stop the oil, esp. if you're super oily. Best solution I've found is Clinique's Stay Matter/Pore Minimizer range - it's absolutely incredible for controlling oil. Only problem is you can't put make up on top of it because it looks funny, which is why I stopped using it - if you're a male though I guess this would be the perfect product. http://www.clinique.co.uk/cms/product/franchise/skincare_pores_mpp.tmpl