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  1. You're FIT FIT FIT! haha, regardless of the acne. if its not working after 3 months you'll get accutane so not too long to wait
  2. Well I saw this nurse at the clinic, not a derm LOL And we've filled out all the forms for accutane, and i'm having a blood test tomorrow. Hopefully starting it in 2 weeks. but she did say, i possibly didn't meet their criteria - i should really have tried antibiotics for 6 months each!!! so i rabbited on about self esteem etc etc. She said this derm should give accutane to me, he wasn't too afraid of it like some are. So who knows? I've gone through all the motions of getting accutane, all
  3. hey, im going to my first derm appointment tomorrow yay! I went to my GP first in october - got doxy and retin a, helped but not much Went back to GP in January, said I want accutane, he refered me to a derm and in the mean time - got erythromycin and higher strenght retin a, helped but not much. Took about a month to get an appointment then. Letter comes within 3 weeks I suppose. Btw, derms only give you accutane if you've tried all the other stuff before, or u've got really bad acne. So
  4. a primer is good for making application smoother and it blends better. mattifiers are ones that absorb oil and make your foundation last longer - but generally the more you put on, the harder it is to blend foundation over
  5. erm who said BP should only be used for cystic acne?! Its a very basic treatment available everywhere for anyone. The only thing that should really be reserved for cystic acne is accutane. Sorry but you are completley wrong about BP just totally way off. And yes it should be used all over, you never spot treat with BP. And dead skin protecting you from allergens?! wtf, acne isn't caused by dirt! Its clogged pores FROM DEAD SKIN! Anyone that over exfoliates is more likely to just irritate
  6. What a load of bull is all I can say! Thanks for giving us a few brand names to buy, sure that product endorsement might bring in a few suckers LOL As for BP not to be used all over the face - erm that’s the entire point of it! And 1 of the many causes of acne is the dead skin cells not shedding properly, so manual or chemical exfoliation does help. Thats kinda why retinoids and acids are medically proven and prescribed by doctors. Sorry but your full of crap! Yes the skin can become oi
  7. ooo lots of replies hehe I already use loose powder, and I do have a pressed one for when I'm out, but applying more powder just ruins the finish I find. I use a liquid foundation, I don't like powder foundations, but I'm going to have a play with BP and see if I can get it to work better. I will look into blotting sheets....although they aren't really the way of fixing the problem I was hoping for. I did use B5 for a while, but it caused hair loss!!!! Does anyone have any good suggestions
  8. Nope never! Although I sometimes use normal tissues to blot....but they can't get into the corners of your nose, so don't really work!
  9. I did try BP under make-up and it didn't really make a difference. If I use more BP then my make-up won't apply properly and in the long run my skin would get even oilier to combat the BP.....
  10. hmm yea that’s probably right Brandy, as its a different type of thing in your skin that anti perspirant targets. I use this moisturiser: http://www.simple.co.uk/SimpleSkincare/Hyd...ightMoisturiser And my foundation is Chanel Double Perfection Fluide
  11. I think MAC blot powder is crap, it looks fake and chalky...no powder will prevent the oil I have
  12. I have a very oily T-Zone, I have a mattifying gel but that only works if I use loads, and then my foundation looks awful over the top. So my idea is that anti perspirant is great at preventing sweat, so could you spray a small amount on your face?!!
  13. You really think that the mineral makeup gave you cysts? Too bad you can't sue Typical!!! How American
  14. Yep! same here!! Its the oilyness that is breaking down your foundation.
  15. I change my pillow every night, and make sure my hair is back and never on my face.