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  1. personally i like sensitive skin much better it doesnt make my face greasy at all ←
  2. are you using this with the regime? Olay seems to be popular. ←
  3. And another vote for this one. I just bought the same moistureizer and have only used it for one night and world of difference! Before I was using neutrogena oil free moisture-- made my skin burn like crazy and redddd. Olay has not burned- cleared up the redness completely and i can move my mouth! ←
  4. i use OLAY sensitive its incredible. but theres no spf in it. it makes your skin techture so smooth. definately better than cetaphil i LOVE it
  5. hahaha PUMP PUMP IT i dont think i like cetaphil
  6. i just bought the new OLAY sensitive moisturizer with aloe and no SPF. and its only been a day and really think its already working. i love how my skin feels. i think the texture is even improving. if you use to much it leave a bit of white stuff. but i really think this shit could be gorgeous. anyone agree?
  7. Because it screwed up mine. my pores are bigger and my skin looks older. cetaphil isnt helping. dang PLEASE help is there a miracle moisturizer out there?
  8. yeah im using it too, but noticing it giving me face lines. though there could be a moisturizer to balance that? plus im in canada and worry it would take to long to recieve dan gel? ←
  9. hi, someone recommended i come here for information regarding glycolic acid peels for my bad skin texture. can anyone recommend where to go? or what products to buy? is glycolic acid similar to alpha hydroxy acid? thanks
  10. Glycolic acid peels have improved my skin texture and minimied my pores loads .Go to the scar and red mark forums to find out more! ←