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  1. What about manuka honey? I thought I read something about that helping. Seems like my receding hairline gets worse every year, and I'm only 26. Maybe one day I'll consider a hair transplant. Manuka honey lightens your eyes Only hair disease with no cure. There is also complete hair loss, but then our eyebrows and hair on the rest of the body would fall out too. Don't won't give you a transplant unless you are on proepcia because your hair would continue to recede after the trans
  2. Only thing that works for MPB is propecia, RU, rogaine and nizoral. Everything else is a waste of time
  3. Update- hairloss continues, mostly at the temples and crown. Medications gave me to many side effects so I am using toppik on the crown. When I graduate university this year I will take my first paycheck and get SMP. I"m tired of wasting time and money on supplements, went that route for three years. Regarding sex, I have lots of it, but don't ejaculate. It makes you strong in the gym and very creative, but it never did anything for my hair. Toppik- http://www.gll-getalife.com/entry/hair-l
  4. Found these, still trying to access full papers. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3500072/ Department of Dermatology and Institute of Hair and Cosmetic Medicine, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, Wonju,]Dr. Hwang's Hair-Hair Clinic, Seoul, Korea Although integral hair lipid (IHL) plays essential roles in hair morphogenesis and formation of lipid envelop of hair cells, their roles on ultraviolet (UV)-induced photoaging in human hair follicle are poorly understood. In
  5. It was an overdose, not underdose of b5 that caused hair loss.
  6. Hope the lasers work better for you then progesterone, keep us updated Mikelev. Ruman, it best to stay on propecia for at least 6 months to see any results as long as you are fine with side effects. I'm sure the doctor told you all this. Again, if what we have is MPB, the only two scientifically proven medications to treat this condition are propecia and minoxidil. Nizoral helps a little. These sites will help a lot. baldtruthtalk.com hairlosshelp.com hairlosstalk.com regrowth.com
  7. Yes, acne comes back smith8. Update- been getting chest pain from RU and propecia so I'm stopping. Nothing else left to try until cb comes out so going to save my money and get smp, adipose stem cells or a transplant in the future. Good luck all.
  8. Here are elmechanico last two posts. The first post is from 10/14/1014 so whatever elmechanico is doing, it worked in less than a month! Post 1 10/14/2014 "...So, convinced I could finally cure my acne, I ordered B5 and started taking it right away. In the space of 1 week I gradually increased my dose until I reached 10g. After around 2 days on 10g I noticed really bad hair shedding when I ran my hands through my hair. I immediately stopped taking B5(I probably took it for 9 days or so)
  9. You have to ask friends, family and online, I'm not sure what doctors perform what tests in Russia. Even if dead, hair transplant or stem cells will get hair back there. But best to save the hair while still on the head, yes.
  10. Can you link the thread here or in PM, I am interested in talking with them. Sorry about your hair loss, I only have hair loss on the top, in my crown and temples. NO NEVER RUN FROM B5. Dosing range= 5-10mg. 500mg is 50 times the recommended dose. NOT conservative at all http://www.rxlist.com/pantothenic_acid_vitamin_b5-page2/supplements.htm Also Pj's endrocrinologist post 884- "Just got back from the endocrinologist. They are going to test my thyroid levels on W
  11. nw=norwood It is how much hair loss one has. google norwood hair chart keep us updated PJ
  12. Yes, multiple people such as Jimmyjoners on this thread. Here is a link to another thread. "I'm also 24 and about 5 years ago I started taking massive doses of B5 for my skin...But within three months, I'd seen not only a massive drop in the speed and thickness of hair growth...but I was shedding upwards of 50 hairs per day. My dermatologist suggested I get on Propecia, and I did. I discontinued the RetinA and B5 supplements shortly thereafter, as I was worried more about my hair then my fa
  13. I just went through the whole thread to get a good breakdown. I count 26 men losing hair. I count 1 female freakingfrackout (this thread)+beautyy (different thread) + a women's daughter(different thread) losing hair. Mis911 (this thread) commented her scalp is thin but there's no hair loss. 26+4=30 total 4/30=13.3% Females losing hair 26/30=86.6% Men losing hair Women mis911 Freakingthefrackout Beautyy Women' Daughter Men Itsoveryes phillyeagles91