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  1. said it here. but all good. glad low dose accutane is working well for you. i'll probably get mine when i can.
  2. I've been contemplating about doing low-dose accutane but wasn't so sure how effective it was. Also, can you clarify something for me because I was skipping through some of the posts and you interchange the words 10mg a *day* then you say 10mg a *week*. Which one is it? Because that is vital information you need to be very clear on. just to comment... I used to have terrible TERRIBLE acne, then accutane saved my life. Unfortunately, I believe it made my stomach sensitive, and I had to sto
  3. I would only take these reducing dht supplements before and after I have sex/masturbate..but not daily
  4. Not to doubt that a clean diet may prevent acne or not but I've known people who had eaten pizza hut, drink soda and coffee, and eat candy everyday and still have clear skin It would have been nice if you had some before, during, and after pictures...
  5. People should post what their skin looks like each time you update. Honestly, it would make things more believable that you guys are doing this, haha
  6. As the title suggests, how do you know? Because if someone were to have dry skin, then their body will try to compensate that and produce excess sebum to moisturize it, therefore creating oily skin. Would that be defined as dry or oily skin? Thanks for the reply
  7. I don't drink too much milk, so I'm not sure if that is the case. However, I haven't been eating quite healthy for the pass 3 weeks.I used to eat pretty healthy compared to what I am eating now, but I still broke out a lot, but then again I wasn't using my current regime then.. The thing is, to me, It is just a bit hard for me to grasp that whatever you eat can contribute to acne. The reason I feel this way is because I've seen people eat very unhealthy. Where I work, I've seen drug addic
  8. Okay, so recently I finally found a decent regime that helps me treat my current acne, and has reduced the frequency on my breakouts..however, every now and then, I still get acne in certain spots, and I'm uncertain why. If my current regime is able to successfully treat acne, and if I'm still keeping up with the regime, why am i still even getting acne? I do not get this. here is my regime. -Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, used 2x morning/night -Clean and clear pera gel benzoyl peroxid
  9. I'm a 26 y/o male. A few years ago, when I was 18-19, I went on antibiotics (minocycline) for my acne, and it did clear my skin. However, when I was done with it, about 6-9 months later, my acne came back, and it came back in full force, the worse it has ever been for me, and left me with a lot of nasty scars. It was the worse time of my life until i finally decided to go on Accutane. Accutane really helped, and literally cleared 90% of my acne within a month. Unfortunately, i couldnt com
  10. From the looks of it, it looks like you need to fix your acne internally. If you can, I would most definitely try Accutane. I know a lot of people here think it is bad, because it can be due to the side effects, but for those people who are able to tolerate it, it will help you. But if that is definitely something you don't want to try, then you can try taking hormonal balancing supplements, because it could be your hormones going crazy and making you break out. I had read that a lot of f
  11. It REALLY irritates me how people like you think you have acne, and need accutane for something so small like that.. I would seriously give up a lot to have your kind of skin. But no..you don't need accutane.
  12. Gonna bring this thread back alive, because I really need help.. So right now i'm trying out the digestive enzymes called Candex to see if that will help my acne. I'm not sure if my acne is caused by Candida or hormones. But in another 2 weeks, If I don't see the results i want to see, im thinking my acne could be hormonal. I'm a 26 year old male, and i do have acne prone and very oily skin.. I am considering of taking Saw Palmetto for about a month, and see what happens, but before i
  13. Right now I'm working on the candex supplement + candida diet to help prevent acne. I also use a cerave hydrating cleanser, and after washing, i would mix lemon juice + rose water, and apply that to my face for 15-30 minutes, and then wash it off. Then apply Aubrey Organics Aloe Vera as the moisturizer. It works to help reduce redness too. LJ + RW works to exfoiliate your skin, and lighten scars. Lemon juice also helps remove blackheads, and has sort of help treat those deep inflamed acne to
  14. I feel like I've lost friends because I chose not to see them I also don't feel like I am myself anymore. All I think about everyday is how bad my acne is, and everytime I am at work or in school, I'm always picturing what other people are seeing when they look at me. Its been an on and off battle for 10 years, and I'm getting really..really..really tired of living this way. The more solutions I try to do to help my acne, the less hope i have, and I have no idea what else to do...*sigh*
  15. I personally think diet is only a concern if you have Candida, because they feed on sugars, yeasts, etc I work at an internet cafe and I see a lot of people who eat pizza and very unhealthy foods, yet they have completely clear skin...this really really irritates me because I know I eat much healthier than these people and I have terrible skin. Since you said you're in HS, I'm pretty sure its just your hormones going crazy right now. I personally wouldn't take anti-biotics, because that m