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  1. AND SO IT ENDS!!! I just took my last pill. It has been a long (nearly) 7 months, but I'm finally done! My face isn't quite as clear as I hoped... but just looking at the pictures of where I was at before and during my IB... this is a miracle. I haven't had an active in months. Just need to wait for the scarring and redness to die down. Best of luck everyone! Just be patient (especially those of you still in Months 1-3) and it'll be over before you know it!
  2. Haha, it's been a while. Weird reading this again. I can't believe I'm already at Day 1 of Month 5! I definitely lost count of total days a long time ago. Well, I just came back from my dermatologist appointment and apparently this is my last month until I'm over the recommended cumulative dosage! One more month! Time really does fly... To anyone who is discouraged by his/her initial breakout, just keep your head held high and don't let it get you down! Seriously, don't even think about it. I gu
  3. DAY 31 So after some ridiculous complications with the pharmacy and iPledge, I finally got my hands on Month 2 pills today. The entire situation was just so dumb. I can't wait until I'm done with pharmacies, long waits at the doctor's office, etc... The end truly does seem so far away. Oh! The dermatology appointment! My doctor said my acne definitely got more cystic and inflamed since the last time she saw me. She recommended I take prednisone, but I told her I didn't want to... I'm not a f
  4. Woops... Sorry I haven't updated this in a while. School has officially taken over my life. I barely got any sleep this past week because of midterms and papers, even though I'm like always fatigued from this medicine. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement everyone! I hope your treatments are going well, or at least better than mine. DAY 29 Wow, I'm nearly finished with my first month... I can't say it's gone by fast though, haha. I feel like I've been counting down each day, which is making
  5. DAY 15 TWO WEEKS DONE! I'm not being overdramatic (okay, a little), but I swear, I am experiencing the worst initial breakout in the history of initial breakouts. Ever. Haha, like you guys don't understand... you might think your skin is bad... but you have not seen me yet. I'm talking 40+ blemishes on each of my cheeks, my forehead, my chin, my neck, my eyebrows, my sideburns. IT'S EVERYWHERE. I haven't bothered to count exactly how many because there's just wayyy too much. My skin is peeli
  6. Your acne looks EXACTLY like mine... I'm on day 11 and I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing my IB... I know what you mean - at least my friends have seen me at my worst and have gotten used to me. I want them to be shocked!
  7. Thank you for the support! Haha, that's great to hear... I think the less I think about it, the faster the time will go by... DAY 10 Still on my initial breakout (I think)... My skin is more or less the same from when I started, maybe slightly worse. I popped a TON of whiteheads and cysts yesterday because... I really don't know why I did it. I KNOW it's bad for my skin, especially scarring, but there was something in me that I just couldn't control lol. Anyway, I have tons of cysts and whit
  8. Well, I actually started my Accutane treatment on August 31th! I'll keep my backstory short. I'm an 18 year old male college student. I started getting acne around age 13 and ever since then it has continued to intensify. I almost did Accutane when i was 16 but I chickened out. So now, I'm walking around college with a face literally filled with cysts and pustules (like 10+ on each side of my face and forehead). No one around me has any acne, not a single person, it seems. Anyway, I've bee