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  1. I took 150mg+ zinc daily for a month but it didn't help my skin..now i'm taking 60mg for 3 month, well i'll continiue untill i run out but will not be buying again! Did not notice any side effects..
  2. Well i've seen results in 1 week, the skin got clearer (but not clear!!).. then after i've stopped it all came back ( i took it for 2 months) Yeah antibiotics are pointless if you ask me as well, but that's what derm usually prescribes prior to accutane- which works wonders. Dan's regime works also pretty ok, but god damn I am not willing to spend 1 hour daily on my skin!
  3. NOW vitamin a has 25000 iu capsules. 150000 i.u vit a works, and it does dramaticaly!! My skin is almost clear within two months, but the sides are similar to accutane (dry lips). As far as health wise, my blood tests were ok and consider I train 6 times per week with weight (heavy trainings!!) I think if there would be anything wrong it would show... but hey yeah it's a risk i'm willing to take! Thanks for the warning anyways.. Definetly much better then megadosing vit b5- which made my acne tw
  4. I'm taking 150000 iu for about two months now. Yeah the skin is improving (it's still not ok), I've also done blood tests and they were normal.. Only side effect I can think off are dry lips I'll probably go through 7*250 bottles of now vitamin a 25000iu each capsule .. I'm on second bottle now. Will report in few months if anyone is interested..
  5. Well my experience with b5 is very bad. I was taking 10g for 50days ( had 500g of b5). At first it got worse, got 3 cystic acne (never had them before !!) and around them few normal acne appeared. Then the outbreaks stopped but those acne took a long time to heal.. Anyways at the end I was pretty much where i started, the skin did not improve not even a bit! Also I think my hair line receded a bit, although my gf says it didn't. Kind of paranoid since my father is bald . Well I bought nizor
  6. You could try guggul extract and vitamin b5
  7. I have mild acne, and i've been on 10g of vitamin b5 daily for a month now. But I see no major improvement, it's pretty much the same, i got two bad outbreaks at the beginning which still didn't heal completely!! Maybe my skin is a little drier, that is about all I see...Oh yes along with initial digestion problems.. ! Should i continue and buy another kilo, or should I just accept this doesn't work for me... Next things I will try are megadosing vit. a, guggul extract and megadosing zinc .