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  1. we have similar backgrounds, i started breaking out when i went to college in NYC- a completely different environment. i immediately knew it was my diet. i have always eaten healthy and now i was drinking and eating artichoke pizza and quesidillas. i went back to a whole food approach / anti-inflammatory diet again, i dont really eat meat in general.. but i cut out gluten & sugar and i was actively running. i obviously felt better but my skin didn't reflect it. i know it's a lot to cons
  2. i'm on day 13 today. i can. not. stop. peeling my skin, the only way to stop is to put aquaphor on it.
  3. i am going through the same thing.. today is day 13 and i feel miserable. it's been improving in terms of pain. i've had really painful cystic acne it was unbearable. i am beginning to be able to make facial expressions without it hurting, most of my discomfort now is the dryness.. & of course my self esteem, i still look horrible (& you're right, makeup doesn't go on like it did before) but i really think it's improving... i hope so, i'm in my best friend's wedding in 10 days. i've