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  1. I don't know if many of you know about this shaving brush but I heard someone that this could help exfoliate your skin, how should I use it ? Does it help with acne ?
  2. So I started doing this 4 days ago, when I wake up I wash my face with cold water and then I rub ice on my face, doing the same thing before I go to sleep. The results are promising ! My face started to clear, I only have a few pimples that dry out fast, my skin looks fresh and bright but the only problem is that I have sensitive acne prone skin and during the day my face gets oily and I think this can cause me those little bumps on my face. I don't use any kind of soap, or sink water or
  3. Depends on how you shave. Shaving itself doesn't affect your acne. It depends on how do you shave, it could help or it could make it worse.
  4. Don't do things by yourself, you can make them even worse ! Just go to a dermatologist and you will know whats going on. I have made the same mistake with my acne and allergies. I was like " well if I put this it will go away " and it got worse.
  5. You seem to have sensitive skin ! Constant heat, eating unhealthy food, acne prone skin can cause this ! All you can do is to go back to your diet and lifestyle, visit a dermatologist to give you the right products for your skin and wait for the results.
  6. They still look like undeveloped pimples, have you tried anything hormonal ?
  7. If you had an allergic reaction it would've been on your entire body, not only chest !
  8. Masturbate just once per month. Its good to avoid masturbation but its bad not to do it. I have made an experiment: - I didn't masturbate for almost 2 months, my skin cleared up but I started to ejaculate in sleep and also I got very stressed and got angry really fast, not to mention the many sex urges ! So my advice, don't stop masturbating, but reduce the frequency of it. Once per month should be enough and it won't affect your skin, it will actually help you.
  9. My face is acne free now, but I have some red spots left, damn ..
  10. I disagree on this.While diet may not affect everyone's acne ,it certainly does mine.And it does affect some other people too.It's a known fact that high glycemic index foods(hi GI index) which raise your blood sugar instantaneously and spike your insulin may aggravate your acne.A high carbohydrate diet for me is harakiri.I am an Indian and our food traditionally consists of a lot of carbohydrates.Still i stick to things which i feel are healthy.In our home chapatis are made from four grain whea
  11. Acne is an inside problem ( poor diet, lifestyle, immunity problems, hormonal ). You are using only outside remedies so things only get worse. I see that you are running everyday, so that means you take showers often and this might be a problem since you have sensitive skin ! I wash my face once per two days because my skin gets very red and dry even tho I moisturize it ! Did you use vitamin D and zinc ? Even few days ago, I had a huge acne explosion on my face all the sudden ( even
  12. As aanabill said, before doing something that you know is gonna make you sweat, remove EVERYTHING you have on your face ! Make sure nothing blocks or touches your skin while working-out ( hair, headbands ). It's best not to touch your skin even if you sweat, patting with a towel will only make your pores clog ! After working-out a shower IS A MUST ! After that moisturize it.
  13. Might be an eczema, irritation, rosacea. Try not to touch your skin for a while, wash your face with purified water ( boiled ) at the room temperature, then moisturize twice per day. Let your skin air-dry and put the moisturizer while the skin is still wet.
  14. My skin seems to heal up all the sudden, I didn't do anything ! Same diet, same activity. It's so weird.
  15. Once you start exfoliate you shouldn't stop it, by exfoliating you remove a layer of skin and your skin has many of them. It could take few months even years till your marks will fade away ! What did you use for exfoliation ? How did you do it ?