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  1. Why are you still so interested in using SA when u claim u r immune?i think past experience is important ...so u'll want to adjust the dosing. I dun think it interferes with BP, but den again, i'm on retinoids and i dun use BP, so i wun know what this combination effect is?
  2. hey stance, i wonder if u wanna try some PHA pdt? they are a newer generation from the initial AHAs but are milder and sort of non-irritating...how abt u read up abt it? from my understanding, mild applications of AHA will help skin regeneration, basal layer thickening, makes skin smoother and in the long run can help reduce dark scars. but i worry it may exacerbate, or provoke an outbreak... but how abt some mild lactic acid? it is a milk derivative that is the main ingredient for pple who
  3. Hello i am new to this board...=) From my reading of AHA and related acids, i think the thinning of the skin part is abit exaggerated. I know some basic skin histology. I've just started on neostrata because i've heard of results from 2 friends. The GP i think is quite good. from hearsay, it helps reduce whiteheads. some GPs are definitely better dermatologists. He basically broken up the management into 3 parts:treatment, prevention and scar treatment. for treatment, i have :erythromycin,and