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  1. So it has been 3 weeks and a day now...and i am upset. I thought I had been doing relatively well this past week. But I wake up today and my face looks like bloody sunday. I have kinda stopped using the cetaphil moisturizer becuaes i think it makes things worse. I also think that the cetaphil face wash makes things worse as well. But I don't even know anymore, there are too many varialbes in this regimen and I don't know which ones are working. I didn't take a picture because i know it will
  2. WEEK 2 So it's the beginning of week two. I am depressed, seriously. Look at the pics and see for yourself...my skin has only gotten worse. The retin A at night doesn't even seem to be drying my skin. What should I do?
  3. Hrm...I really don't think I need to go on accutane. I ONLY have acne on my chin and I never thought it was THAT bad. I think the camera shot makes it look worse that in it :wink: But who knows, do you really think it's worth looking into?
  4. My old derm was pretty clueless....thus I have been refered to a new one and am awaiting an appointment. So we shall see. Actaully the concentration is .025 not .25, it is pretty mild. I have faith in the Retin A, but will still take advice from the derm.
  5. Due to excessive red spots, I think I will try out this Vita-K stuff. Do you think it will still work if only worn during the day?? Since I have Retin A on at night, I figure this is the best (and only) time. I plan to apply clean face, apply Vita-K, and then mosturize. Does anyone have experience doing this? Oh yeah, can you guys see the pictures now?
  6. Well it is day too and already my skin is sooooooo dry. I have to apply moisturizer very very generously. I was wondering if you can use Vita-K with the Retin A...has anyone had experience with that? Stupid red marks.. Sorry about the pictures, i'm trying to find a site that can host them. For now you have to paste the URL into your browser to view.
  7. One thing is certain, I hate acne. Today marks the start of a brand new Regimen for me, RETIN A. I think that by making this diary and posting pictures and such I will be able to document my results and get advice from all you guys. I promise you that I will not backout of the Retnin treatment and will give it a decent show....no matter how flaky my skin gets. Here is my problem region (chin) as of now, before any treatment. The rest of my face is clean. Would you guys say that I have mild
  8. Hey peoples, I was prescribed this tretinion 0.025 cream...but I have no clue if it is working or what it even is. Is it the same stuff as retin-a that people are talking about. I also have this BP face wash (.5). I use both twice a day and I am hoping that it clears up my mild acne on my chin. Do you guys think I should switch to the regimen....or what. Give me some advice. Oh i have these redish marks on my chin more than pimples now. Help!