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  1. Hi im currently 6 weeks following the regimen. Ive found that my skin are no longer senitive to the benzolyn peroxide. My acne are getting better however, i find that my skin are darker and there are so much dead skin on my face. Is it okay to use a mild scrub to exfoliate the flakiness? Or will this cause acne breakout? Cos my skin is really really dull due to the benzolyn peroxide
  2. Hi, So, this I followed DKR for 1 month and 4 days now. I mentioned in my last post that I start seeing result and my skin is getting better in a way that there are no new active acne. However, I notice that my skin is dull and when I do increase the usage of BP, the flakiness is worse and i cannot apply make up because the foundation just wont blend well into my skin :( I also realized that when I increase the use of BP (to one index finger amount), my skin gets really DULL and red for a few
  3. eputri

    Update: Day 27

    Hi, I've finally gotten the full Regimen Kit from Dan himself. *woohoo* I have noticed that my skin is getting WAY better eve since I really start to seriously used this product a couple of weeks ago My forehead and nose area is completely clean, however there are still some bumps and a bit of scarring in my cheeks area. I'm so in love with the regimen and what it has done to my skin that I decided to let my sister and a friend of mine try to use it as well I've finally found a routine a
  4. Thanks for the advice, yea I will most likely do the chemical peel.. just waiting for my skin to get better, less dryness and flakiness and def. I will do it to remove acne scars thanks xx
  5. hey, I'm so glad to hear that YES! Def stay with the regimen, your skin will turn out even worse before it will eventually gets better.. so just wait and be consistent following the regimen Best of luck to you xx
  6. Hi, I'm considering to do a chemical peeling on my face to remove the acne scars and also the dryness of the skin. Before I was on the regimen, i tried the Obagi Blue Peel, it wasn't very expensive but it dried my active acne pretty well. But now since I've been using the regimen, I have no new acne, but the scars still linger in some parts of my cheeks. Will chemical peel and the regimen together causes side effect? Well, have any of you guys tried chemical peel while on the regimen? T
  7. Helo! Can't believe I have been following the regimen for 3 weeks already (booyeah)! After all the redness, flaking and itchy skin, I have finally passed that stage already. My skin is no longer red but as compared to my neck, it is still a bit darker. But yea most of the active acne, I can say, are 95% gone from my face There are still acne scars caused by previous acne in some part of my cheeks. But as for the forehead and nose area are pretty much cleared. My current skin routine: -
  8. Hi, I'm on my Day 14 using The Regimen and i noticed that my face is darker than my neck, its not so obvious when i apply foundation. I thought at first it was because I am getting used to the BP but after my first week, the skin is not changing back to its original color. At first it was red and irritated but not its just one shade darker than my neck. Should i still stick with the regimen or should i just stop? help please and i'm not using Dan's product, i just bought the things from drug s
  9. I'm currently Day 14 following The Regimen I've seen minor improvements on my face, no new acne popping up in my face and the older ones are gone by now or at least very dry. However, I can still se acne scars here and there due to the old acne. My only concern is that my face is now darker than the usual color also when being compared to my neck. The skin also tends to get very dry after I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, should I scrub off the dry skin on my face or just leave it as it