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  1. Some of them have a little part that feels raised at the very end. But just looking at the hairs, i don't seen any large looking bulbs. how big are they usually?
  2. Hey guys, So I just completed my THIRD round of accutane. It has cleared me of my acne but now I am losing hair at an alarming rate. I have never had super thick hair to begin with so I am really concerned that if I keeps falling out at the rate I'm going to literally go bald! I completed the course about a week ago, but the hair loss has been going on throughout treatment. I experienced some in the very beginning then it stopped for a few months then started up again. I know I was on a h
  3. I am 4 days in to my new diet of no gluten, dairy, vegetable oils or soy. I am 5'7 and currently weigh 120lbs so I'm a little nervous about losing weight eating this way, especially with exercise. Did you find that you had to eat more meals a day or higher amounts of protein to maintain weight? As far as carbs - did you find rice or quinoa to be okay or should that be avoided as well?
  4. Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely check out your videos. As for when you first cleaned up your diet, how long did it take for you to see results? I'm also thinking of stopping the tretinoin and just going with the diet change and spot treat trouble spots. I know tretinoin causes an initial breakout period which I think is happening right now and I just can't deal. Were you able to achieve clearer skin through only diet changes or were you still using topicals throughout the process?
  5. Regarding salad dressing. I was going to just go with an oil and vinegar mixture, but am now not sure if this is the best thing. What do you recommend? Thanks!
  6. Two years ago I started what was my second round of Accutane. It was a rough 5 months, but the accutane did what it was supposed to and cleared me of all my acne. I was 100% acne free for close to 6 months post-treatment. I then started nursing school in August 2014. With the start of such a rigorous program, some of my acne came back, but it was completely manageable. I would get the occasional cystic pimple with the rest smallish pustules. This was all until about a month and a half ago.
  7. I am on my third day of month 3 and I couldn't be more pleased with my results thus far!! Almost all my acne is GONE! I do still get a pimple or 2 a week but they are always small and resolve within a day or two. I will say I am left with a lot of red marks, but they are all flat so with makeup they cover easily. I am hoping they fade completely in the next few months. As far as side effects go nothing has really changed. My skin is dry, but not as dry as it was last month. My lips are also
  8. Yeah, I am on accutane (80mg/day). Just finished my first month. I thought I posted it in the accutane blog I started but maybe I didn't by accident. I post pictures mainly for myself to track my progress. As for the things that worked for you, I tried all of those and they would only work temporarily. I got so sick of having to switch products ever 3-4 months, so I figured accutane was my best bet!
  9. Oh my god! My skin has not looked this bad in forever, I literally want to hide out in my room until this is all over. However, I will say my blackheads are almost completely gone! I'm hoping they are totally gone within the next week or so. As far as new breakouts, I get a new one everyday. And they all seem to cluster around the corners of my mouth/chin. It's disgusting. I literally had about 8 whiteheads all in one area and I made the horrible decision to top them, which only made them sprea
  10. I have my next appointment on December 30. I will say since I posted this my head has become less itchy. I have noticed however, that when I run my hands through my hair it seems as though more ends up in my hands than in the past. Not to say it's coming out in chunks, it definitely isn't, just a few more strands than I'm used to. And I've noticed my shower drain is becoming more clogged up with hair quicker.
  11. Half way through month 1 and that much closer to being clear..thank god! So far things are going pretty good. I think I have been going through the purging stage for about the past week. I have gotten a couple inflammed pimples and tons of really small white heads all around my mouth and chin. And not to mention the blackheads, oh my god the blackheads Now I have always had a nose full of blackheads, but they were never so dark and prominent. I can now literally run my finger over my nose/goi
  12. I am just wondering if what I am experiencing in infact the initail breakout on accutane. I am on day 12 and have tons of gross clogged pores around my "smile line" (the area between my nose and mouth). They are just small bumps, some are red and some are the color of my skin and a few are small white heads. I have never experienced anything like this. I am also breaking out in small bumps around the corners of my mouth and have gotten a few imflammed pimples on my cheek and chin (which is norma
  13. kcurry90

    Day 8

    I have completed my first week of 80 mg/day of accutane, and I have definitely noticed some changes. The most obvious would be the dryness. My lips have definitely dried out, they aren't yet to the point where they are cracking or even look chapped, but they just feel very dry. I found an awesome product though that I HIGHLY recommend! It's called Waxelene, it's a petroleum jelly alternative that's organic and I'm telling you it makes my lips feel great and it doesn't leave me with that goopey
  14. Ok, so here is my face today. I know it isn't THAT horrible, but for me this has always been my biggest insecurity. All the reddness on my cheek is just that, reddness from old acne (that might I add is taking its sweet sweet time in fading). And the mess on my chin is so red because I really went after them last night, hopefully they will calm down by tomorrow. Other than that, nothing to report. Will be back in about a week!